Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins

Partner at Barista.Ventures.
Founder at RogerWilco.Agency.
Creator of TheCUBE.
Futurist at IBM.


Let’s vote FOR a candidate, for a change.

Hey. I've been trying to tone down my political commentary this year in my public timeline and blog posts this year. Not sure how well I'm succeeding at that, but I feel like I have to say something that isn't a joke or meme after this last debate.   I'm breathing a...

Ask Dr. Bitcoin: What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

The typical cryptocurrency enthusiast goes through a few steps as they continue their journey, particularly if they see any early gains with their crypto investments. Initially, they'll put in some sum of money - usually small - into a cryptocurrency and see some...

Dr. Bitcoin on How to Install the Ethereum Mist wallet.

There's been some interesting positive movement in the world of Ethereum, both locally in DFW as well as for the larger crypto markets. Just yesterday, Coinbase and GDAX announced support for Ethereum wallets and accounts on their web and mobile wallets - and last...

YoCoin, a local Dallas-run cryptocurrency.

On Thursday evening, I was invited to give a brief talk at the meetup for a new cryptocurrency, YoCoin. I was first introduced to the group by happen-stance, when two locals from the marketing team for YoCoin came in to make a Bitcoin purchase. I've had the good...