>Well, those of you who work at TCA probably already know, but for those

>of you who don’t, I won’t be coming back in to work Monday.

>Which is good, because I’ve apparently got plans with Derrick and Louis

>anyways.. 😉


>For those of you who don’t know, I got terminated from my position at

>TCA, and so I don’t have to repeat this for everyone individually when

>you will ask me in person or whatever, I’m going to explain it for you

>why I got removed from (the) office.


>TCA users have a relatively serious problem with Netbus, which most of

>you are familiar with. In case you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a

>virus which allows intruders from the internet to basically have full

>control over your computer, including listening to your microphone,

>opening your cd drive, your entire file system, as well as numerous

>other juvenile pranks.


>Cursory scans of our users show that at anywhere from times one out of

>every fifty users up to one out of every hundred are infected with

>netbus or back orifice (a virus of the same kind).


>I was working on writing a program which would go in and remove this

>virus from a computer, and I was testing out on our users computers.

>One of the users in Longview (one of our service areas) had a trap set

>up on his computer where it looked like he was infected, but when the

>program came in to remove the virus, it would actually be a message to

>the intruder stating his ip would be reported to the ISP.


>Well, just that happened, and while I talked with the individual upon

>which my program intruded and explained the situation to him (for which

>he was grateful that something was being done like that), he had

>already talked to someone else and the news filtered up all the way to

>the TCA legal department.


>And then of course I came in a couple days later and was told to clean

>out my cubicle after a short talk with Jenell (our office manager) and

>Tracy (one of the new NOC support staff). I cleaned out the cubicle

>under the supervision of Tracy.


>To TCA staff: I don’t hold any hard feelings towards you guys. You

>don’t have to panic, even though I know passwords upon hidden passwords

>to get in, I won’t, because I knew you guys didn’t want me to get

>canned (that’s what I’m told anyways…).


>On the other hand, I would like to take a aluminum baseball bat to this

>anonymous legal team who demands my blood for my first offense in four

>years of loyal service to the Internet Tyler/TCA organisation.


>So this is my temporary new email address, guys, until I get another

>job where they issue me an email address, or I get my website back




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