Today at work we got slammed by a new virus, this is no joke, not a chain letter.

I don’t care if you pass it on to anyone.

It will be mailed to you by a friend, someone already infected, with you in their contact list.

It doesn’t do anything too bad that we know of, but, what It does do is mail itself to everyone in your contact list, every 30 min. on the dot. This can be quite annoying, and it will fill up your mailbox on the server until you can receive no more email.

When you get it, it will come as an attachment, the name of the attachment will be “prettypark.exe”

But it wont look like an .exe file. It will look like a .zip file


Don’t open the attachment, it will infect your computer.

It is hard to remove and most anti-virus software will not pick it up.

Just delete the message, and reply to the person who sent it to you

And tell them “Hey man, your computer is sick!”

If you think you got it you can send me an email asking me for help removing it.

Its tricky you have to go into the registry to do it

Matt “Dirty A Sid” Johnston

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