Howdy Rizznites. This is the place where I publish my CDs. That’s right! Free downloads for you leaches out there.

Right now, I’m trying a new distribution method called Hamachi. You can read more about it right here, but here’s the directions on how to download the stuff quick and dirty:

Download Instructions
1) Go to and download the latest version here.
2) Next (once it’s completely installed and set up), click on the following URL: file://// for the latest CD, or right-click and save the files from the detailed track listing below.

1 & 2) Hamachi Sucks. Download the zip file here for the full cd.
3) Listen to the MP3s
4) Comment and/or email me and tell me what you think.

New Single as of 10.09.05 : Basket Case (Kool Kannon Remix)

Soundtrack To My Car : DJ Rizzn (download full album here)
Contains tracks by DJ Rizzn, Meigh, Laurent Strickland, Louis Hebb & Peter Hitt.

1. My Fury: A remix I did for a contest that ended up coming out quite original. The vocals were uncredit public domain, all instrumentation is my own.
2. Southeast: A mix I made back in 1999 or 2000, with some assistance from Peter Hitt and Louis Hebb. My first foray into acoustic djing.
3. End Takes Care: Another song that was acoustically inspired by Southeast. I get accused of mocking a lot of 80’s music with this tune.
4. Take You There: A mix I made to go with the lyrics written and sung by a girl named Meigh. She’s got a good voice and mysterious writing style. She told me that she wrote these lyrics when she was a little girl, and used to sing it to herself when she was on the playground.
5. Far North: Yet another song inspired by Southeast. As you can tell at the time I was a little hard up for song titles, but the song itself is fairly original. It has a familiar ring to it for most people, they can’t quite place it where they’ve heard it before. I don’t know why since it’s completly an original piece.
6. Yellow Ghost: This is what I like to call electronic emo. I’m not sure where the style came from, but once again the lyrics and singing came from the beautiful talent known only as Meigh.
7. Discernment: Of all the songs on the CD, this one had the most collaborators and spent the longest time on the shelf before I finally ended up producing it last year. On vocals is a girl that made my six month stay in Ft. Worth in 2001 non-maddening, Lauren Strickland. The author of the lyrics is a great friend of my old Dallas clique named ‘Rissa Winland. Of course, I did the mixing. The original recording was so bad that I shelved it until I could improve my mastering skills enough to make a good version of the song. I think, all in all, it turned out great.
8. Leylines: This is actually the title track off of Riz Mix 2: Leylines, the one that had the blue porno chick on the front (for you long time collectors, you know the one I’m talking about). The ending of it has actually been modified from the original CD, as the voices used to be up in a higher pitch to allow for a smooth transition into Halcyon On and On, but I think as a standalone it sounds better with it down low.
9. Slimee Is a Flatworm: I’ve dated some crazy-ass women, but this crazy song was dedicated to the craziest woman I EVER dated. Ever. I sang the vocoded lyrics on the CD.
10. Outback: the only song I’ve ever mixed using a Digeree-doo.
11. Black Beans: a mashup of a couple obscure ambient tunes.
12. You Didn’t Think I Was Listening, Did You?: a hidden track from the CD. I recorded it off a hidden mike in Ricky McGill’s office (Ricky is a partner in AACS).


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