hideeho there neighbors and neigborettes….

I’m at work still trying desparately to avoid accomplishing anything. Not very samurai of me, but, well, whatever. I’ve got to figure out a time in my life when I’m ready to switch over to samurai mode so I can make a clean cut. But I don’t think I’m ready yet in all facets of my life.

I just got back from my 3 smoke break in as many hours. (I get the feeling this is one of those areas I shouldn’t be honest in because of what if my boss was reading this. aww heck, he probably wouldn’t care).

Everyone confides in me stuff they shouldn’t. I don’t know why. There’s this girl that sits in the cube next to me who is breaking up with her boyfreind here pretty soon and I think she’s trying to size me up for her next boyfriend. If she had asked me before I met my current one it might be a different story, but I’ve already got a perfectly acceptable girlfriend now. This girl makes me uncomfortable.

ooh, i love it when people hang up on me. saves me the trouble of hanging up on them.

I’m playing Xenogears again at home, one of the best damn RPGS for a console based gaming system ever made.

I’m bored. I think I’m going to go break something.

At any rate, I hope someone emails me that reads this. I want to be famous. I want to be a big star, like Mr. Jones or something (nod to Counting Crows)

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