Well well well, after way too long, rizzn desides to go back online. today was fun. fun fun fun.

I’ve been online, just not with an online presense in a while.

I’m undecided whether or not this diary will be public. My last one was, and no one ever went to that one either, so I doubt its a big deal if this one is or not.

Well, invisible audience, this is me, Master Rizzn. I am an ardent Christian, I live with my best friend, Crackbaby, an atheist, Phitt, an agnostic, and Solo Exceptional, a Jehova’s Witness. Oh, and my girlfriend is an ex-pagan catholic agnostic. So I’ve got my religious bases covered there.

I work at the corporate offices of a major retail chain, in the IS department. I’m underpaid, underappreciated, and one of the leaders of our department, known as Team Wank.

Gahh, I just realized that by entering my well known nickname on this page, I’m not going to be able to be very honest in all things, due to my nature of not wanting to offend people.

Well, anyways, keep that in mind.

My girlfriend is really cool. I met her on September 16th. This is going to rank as one of my longer relationships, I can tell. The only time we ever argue is when we want to. It’s fun, sometimes. We clash philosophically by nature, she’s got incredibly liberal points of view, and I have very conservative ones. But that doesn’t bother me. I sometimes wish she could be Christian, but I can only hope that my lifestyle can serve as an example, and she won’t be able to ‘figure me out,’ so to speak without having God as part of the equation.

I’m training myself to become a Samurai. My roomate phitt got me a book called Code of the Samurai, transladed from the Japanese original written by Bushido Shoshinshu of Taira Shigesuke. Samurai’s are always crazy. And very dedicated. But no one ever messes with a Samurai. And Samurai’s have stories written about them. Plus they carry ~two~ swords, not just one. My role-model in the samurai world is Rouroni Kenshin.

“On the warrior’s path, only three things are considered essential: loyalty, duty, and valor.”

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