Well, seems like everyone but me had a bad weekend/morning. But my birthday was relatively cool.

Saturday I spent most of the day with my lovely girlfriend. We talked a bunch about bullshit and then we ate at Denny’s. (which reminds me I’m really hungry. I hope someone on this fone gets done talking so I can go make oatmeal). But then I headed over to my parents house and got there at about 6:30. My sister was insistant in her mind that I wasn’t arriving until Sunday, and so she had gone out on a date that night with some dude that looked vaguely familiar to me, but was clearly a nerd. 😉 which is cool I guess, but whatever. My sister goes out with tons of guys now, it seems. She was hanging out with this one other dude that I had never met last week, now she’s all about this guy.

Anyway, after I got there, me and my family minus my sister went to Olive Garden. It was cool. Unfortunately I didn’t consume alcoholic beverages that night because of 2 primary reasons: a) my parents and gramma were there and b) I wasn’t actually 21 until Sunday. Oh well, wine gives me a headache anyways.

I went home and opened my presents. My gramma and aunt got me a membership to AAA roadside assistance, which I desperately need, given my record of roadside breakdowns. My parents got me an alarmclock, two pair of jeans, and my sister bought me the Matrix on video.

I slept in my own bed. It was nice. Sleeping in your home bed is one of the nicest things in the world, I haven’t slept that well in ages.

Sunday morning I had some nice breakfast my dad made and went to cheeeurch with the family. It was alright. I’ve always contended that my home church is one of the best in the world for a number of reasons. For one people aren’t sheep there. It’s an advanced thinking church. It’s a non-denominational church, so it’s not bogged down by dogma. Anyways, good church. The sermon was about Ephessians chapter 4. Very good. It was a reminder to me and a little bit of comfort that there still is hope for me.

(geeze, doesn’t anyone else take calls around here besides me? this is pathetic!)

I hung out and watched the Cowboys throw away a superbowl in their wildcard matchup against the Vikings with my parents. Pathetic as well.

Then I went and hung out with my lifelong buddies, Jeff and Ryan Laepple. We went and watched Galaxy Quest, a stupid but funny movie.

Then I got the roundup on everyone else’s shitty weekend.

Exhibit A) My girlfriend got robbed by some dumbass crackheads. Her car had broken down in the ghetto. And some ‘nice’ crackheads came over to fix it for her, and I don’t know what they did but they did get the car running. Of course, they wanted some money for crack. So she gives them her last dollar. Apparently they didn’t like that and stole her cigs and a forgotten 5 dollar bill out of her car. So when I call her from home 100 miles away, she’s niccing out and unstable — it’s generally a bad deal all around.

Exhibit B) On my way into town, I inadvertantly stop at the same gas station my girlfriend had her problems at. I went and bought my beer & cigs, and came back to my car and that damn crackhead that had been standing there was washing my windows. So I gave him my quarter so he’d go away, and as he reaches to shake my hands he fucking palms my rings!!! But because he’s such a crackhead, he dropped them both. I told him to get the fuck out, and he ran away like a scared doggie.

Exhibit C) My roomate crackbaby got a call from his contract agency saying he was terminated for multiple reasons this morning. They wouldn’t explain these reasons.

Exhibit D) Our fourth roomate, solo exceptional, has decided to hang in Cali. for a Quzar (or however you spell it) tournament for the past week. That would normally be ok except when rent is due. We got an eviction notice because he didn’t pay the rent like he was supposed to before he left.

Welp, that’s the round up. Later today I’ll probably ramble on some more. See you then. (hi call volume day today, so it’ll prolly be short.)