Good morning, ever’budy….

I changed my imood this morning. Because I’m no longer feeling ‘introspective’. Yesterday was a bust. My girlfriend and my roomate were talking the night before last, and kept me up ’til 4 am so I didn’t come into work yesterday because I know what happens when I come in from a late night, and I figured I’d sleep much better in my own bed than the cubicle, seeing as I don’t have my cot and curtains set up here like I keep wanting to.

So that’s why I didn’t update yesterday, faithful viewers.. 😉

I asked my boss today if I could wear swords to work, because I’m an apprentice samurai now, and he said no, that would violated company dress codes. I don’t see what the big deal is, but I guess until I become a full fledged samurai, I shouldn’t have to worry about carrying my swords anyways.

The people in the office are trying to establish that Jeff and Erin are alter-ego’s of each other, like Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton. Funny stuff.

Today is a slow day on the fones. Which is egg-sell-ent. I’m happy about that. Lots of time to update my diary, catch up on email, and talk and smoke. Woo hoo.

I’m not hungry this morning, no sir, I have to big boxes of chocolate and vanilla wafers, which I eat with coffee, and it makes me not so hungry. My girlfriend finally got not only one job acceptance, but two. She’s probably going to be making more money than me, if she takes the job at CompUCom or whatever it is. Which means I’ve got to start looking for a new job. 😉 All my friends are moving into a new income bracket it looks like, so I don’t want to get left behind. My friend D. makes 40k, my girl will be making 30k, my roomate will be making 30k-40k, I’m down here at 28k. Not good, my friends, not good. It’s ok, I’ve got a job I’m considering doing NT security for 60k, I’ll see how that goes.

Crap, fone call, brb. — I had to put that person on hold, he was getting too irate for me. He needs to groove out to some hold music and mellow out. Smoke some doja, come together, got to love some one right now and stuff.

My he handled that pretty poorly. If someone told me that I could take it easy for 3 weeks while my printer got sent in for repair and I was still getting paid for it, I’d jump around for joy. This dude was all hacked off. What’s up with that? Some people are too wound up for their own good.

Quote for the entry: “I’m not here to do good, I’m just here to do my job.” – Phillip Thompson

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