Gosh, I can tell this is going to be a fairly long update. Lots of pointless stuff to put in here.

Dream. Owner.

The first thing I need to tell you about is this cool dude I heard on the radio as I came into work an hour or two late this morning. It’s the new owner of the Dallas Mavericks. His name is Mark. He got drunnk on the radio this morning with Russ and Rich and Dan. Pretty cool. He’s a multi-billionaire, he’s one of the founders of Broadcast.com, which is one of the places I’m considering going to work. (the other is Mindspring, the other is Compucom).

But he got drunk this morning and was playing HORSIE with the dudes on the radio. It was cool. I may actually go to Mavs games now. Plus, if I go to the one on saturday, they have a free bar night for two hours after the game at the Mavs bar.

The other thing i was gonna talk about was my dream I had last night. I haven’t had one like last night in a long time. It was like a movie. There were three main characters in it, and I really can’t remember much from the beginning of it, but I can remember the very end. The dream kept repeating all night long

The three dudes were a) this one dude who had a hairdo like Hugh Grant might if he was playing a movie about the mid 1800’s — this guy was drunk all the time, an Irish dude who had some sort of affair going on with a 80 year old female senator (the three guys stayed at her mansion all the time), and this third dude who was a blondie (the irish dude had slightly thin wiry curly red hair), who also had an old school looking haircut.

I remember that the whole thing took place over a time period from a couple days before Christmas eve, (if not right on Christmas eve), to New Years eve. Sometimes the dream would take place from the point of view of the drunk guy.

The mansion we stayed at was right next door to this big assed mall. I think it was a mall. Either it was a school that was setup like a mall, or it was a mall. I think it was a mall with a principal or something weird like that.

But there were some definate bad dudes that wanted to screw up the mall. And I (as the drunk dude) was there to stop them. They drove monster trucks and drank Keystone. The drunk guy really didn’t like that. He only liked expensive alcohol, so that’s probably why they didn’t get along. But I remember there was a big fight on Christmas eve where the drunk dude dressed up like santa and kicked a bunch of bad dude ass. It was so cool, because the principal of the mall gave me the key to it that night.

The same thing was going to happen on New Years eve, but the drunk dude was too busy getting drunk, and working on his new invention. I saw this close up cgi of it like you would in a video game that’s trying to show off computer graphic rendering. What it did was create working credit cards (I assume for use at the mall similar to business travel cards) with no credit limit AND make goat chease at the same time.

The blonde guy thought it was an incredible idea and ran off into the next room to think about it. The irish dude thought it was a terrible idea, because he didn’t like goat cheese.

Let me give you a description of the inside of the mansion and some of the stuff in the room where most of the things took place. In the mansion where that aforementioned scene took place, there were marble floors that were green, big thick expensive red velved curtains hung everywhere, and these marble pillars that were about five feet wide that started at about 5 feet away from the edge of the room and curved up and formed the rafters of the 18 foot lofted ceilings.

So anyways, the drunk dude, at the sound of the irish dude not liking his invention started to run with it (it was also on wheels. and made out of wood). He was going to ram it into one of the pillars. The irish dude looked back and yawned, then turned and started making out with this 80 year old female senator (uhg!!). Well, the drunk guy kept running for a while, till he finally hit the pillar.

It crumbled, tipped out and broke the wall behind it, which was an outside wall, and the support beam part of it made this taut steel breaking sound that you sometimes here in movies when bridges snap, and it took out part of the roof. It didn’t even stop the two from their disgusting french kissing. I couldn’t stand it any more, so I woke up, and it was 8:30. (I’m supposed to be in at 8:00).

Pretty silly, eh?

Anyways, expect an update from me later today. This promises to be a slow day, and I’m already up for a cig break.

Quote of the Entry: “Matt…you better freakin call me or i’m going to drive to OHIO and stab your eyes out. 🙂 Really, I’ll do it. Now that i have a car now, i can do things like that. ” – plur324


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