ok, so Reality (hiya, yeah, my ICQ is all jacked up too) shamed me into doing anuther entry since I’m all bored and am taking a bunch of cig breaks, and reading everyone else’s diaries right now.

I’m really digging into these vanilla wafer thingys. I’m almost half empty.

Yeah, i’m eating a nutricious meal of vanilla and chocolate wafers today because Someone who will remain nameless but whose initials start with MY GIRLFRIEND forgot that they were borrowing my car today and didn’t pick me up for lunch. Oh well, I’m certain she has a good excuse.

Well, I’ve been finding all sorts of cool quotes over these diary pages. They are pretty funny. I’ve been saving them over to notepad and using them for the ‘quote of the entry’ whenever I can’t think of a quote that one of my friends say all the time which is funny.

I guess that perhaps my dream is a bit to scary for people to think of a response to, that or it’s just to jumbled up to read and stuff because no one has randomly written me today about it. (it’s in the previous entry though over there on the left).

I just found out that I may be moving up in the company if I play my cards right. And working for IBM.

My company is in a weird place right now. The technology industry is experiencing mergers with some scary companies (well, scary if you buy into all my conspiricy theories, but still scary if you try to think of why they would want to diversify like they are).

Look at the company Microsoft, right? They are a lumbering giant that is probably one of the best run companies in the technology field, if not the world. Well, they are getting broken up.

Look at Time-Warner. This is a merger of two companies, Time, a news agency, and Warner, an entertainment agency. Together, they own hundreds of teevee stations and news outlets. They are merging with AOL, which is a communications company. Sure, its the trailerpark of commincations, but it’s pretty frickin big, nonetheless.

Why are the merging? Well, easy, controlling a third facet of the way and what kind of information you can see. AOL up that point was a relatively unattached news source if you look at the ownership. Not part of the problem. (that problem). Not putting out propaganda except the propaganda that helps out their own company. Not political propaganda like big ol’ Time-Warner.

So now it’s Time-Warner-AOL. And Sprint, ever-loving giant of a communications company Sprint. They are looking at merging with Time-Warner-AOL. So we have Time-Warner-AOL-Sprint communications. What is up with that? More consolidation of power.

In this other corner, we have two nicely sized productive, non part of the problem giants, Earthlink and Mindspring which just joined. Frickin thankfully they didn’t dash their name together, they just call it Earthlink.

Sprint is looking at buying/merging with Earthlink. Sprint-Earthlink.

Off in an other unexplored corner of life is the company I work for, a very large computer reseller called CompUSA, which has deep partnerships with two companies. IBM and Compuserve. Who is Compuserve owned by? Time-Warner-AOL.

So thru some weird twist of fate, will I end up working for this conglomorate? This Time-Warner-AOL-Sprint-Earthlink-IBM-CompUSA company? What the heck will they call this company or are they going to keep hyphenating the name?

Why doesn’t someone just break it up like they did to innocent little Microsoft.

Frickin retarded.


Quote of the Entry: “Didn’t wear underwear to work today. Good feeling, but I get nervous about visible pee-pee drops on my long way back to the cube of mundane aloofness.”

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