I was just outside smoking some cigarettes talking with my buddy up here Chris. We were talking about our fubar’ed dreams last night. He was talking about this dream he had that he died, and he was in this hallway.

In this hallway was bunches and bunches of doors, each one had a point of light at the end of a tunnel in it. He was with a crowd of people that was eventually thinning out as they each went to a door of their own choosing.

Eventually, he chooses his door, and as soon as he went in two of these big darkly dressed men are like just walking behind him escorting him into this room where the light is coming from.

He gets in the room and the guys are gone and he’s alone in this room, and he realizes that the point of light is just a painting, an optical illusion, and the room ends there.

He looks back at where he came from just in time to see the wall close out and seal up seamlessly. So now he’s stuck in this seamless, rhomboid shaped room.

He thinks to himself, “Man this is fucked up.” So he closes his eyes and tries to think of himself in a different place, and amazingly, he’s immediately there. And every time he thought about being incarcerated again, there he was back in the room.

For a while we sat and analyzed the dream, and then I told him about mine (the description can be found over there to the left under the heading credit cards and goat cheese).

We were talking about analyzing the dreams, and then he gives me this priceless quote.

“Yeah, but those dreams where I’m in front of the toilet taking a leak, I’ve learned to watch out for those.”

Heh. Chris is cool.

I’m going home, see you tomorrow.

Quote for the entry: “I’m out like a midget in a Big & Tall store.”

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