Good morning diary and stuff.

I’m bored already and it’s only 10:30 and stuff. Well, this weekend was fun, I guess. Didn’t go quite as planned, but it was alright. A cool thing, the girls came over, me and crackbaby’s pals who helped us out in intense times of trouble. (someday I’ll tell that story).

And my girlfriend came over. And Acid.Burn (aka “Big Black Man”) came over, and of course Phitt and his ‘not-girlfriend.’ We consumed the leftovers from new years eve’s acid and tripped, but unfortuneatly the stuff did not age well, and it was really weak. But we did have fun.

I finally got good enough at rival schools to beat crackbaby exactly 50% of the time.. We would fight each other to a stand still I don’t know how many times, and our lifebars would be invisible, and it would be the next hit would win type situation. Crazy.

I just found out on IGN that the new version of Powerstones is out for the Dreamcast, I guess in japan or something, and I’m pretty stoked about that, because that means its not long before it makes it here. It has four player capability, which will make it fun. Plus the graphics look even better, if that’s possible.

Anyways, Saturday, I pretty much slept all day in recovery.

Sunday, I went around and ran errands and stuff until like 6, when I sat down and wrote a couple songs on a tracker program. One was this jungle sounding song, and the other was a porno music sounding song (at least that’s what my girlfriend said). I’m gonna put them up somewhere when I get the chance to convert them to MP3.

The sucky part of the weekend: My girlfriend has a lump on her breast. It really sux, cuz she’s all nervous about it, and I am too, kinda. My mom had one of those when I was little, but it turned out to be benign. Her’s will too, I’m sure.

Anyway, It’s monday, aka hell-day on the fones, so I’ve gotta close this out and if I think of some more stuff I’ll write again.

Quote of the entry: “There is a rational explanation for everything. And there is an irrational one.” (a conclusion I came to a long time ago)

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