Dear Diziary….

Hey, how are you? great? Ones and zeros? Electrons hitting glass? Hey, look on the brightside, at least you aren’t pulp!

This sucks, internet mail is down here at work, so I can’t setup the mailing list I was going to. but it’s a cool mailing list. It’s going to be the old [OffTopic] mailing list of yore, where our mailbox was like a chat room. Pretty cool stuff.

Some dork stole the offtopic name. Which now makes the list offtopic jr. Offtopic was such a cool list. It was just a bunch of nerds from all over the place that when they logged into their machines at work and talked about dorky things. Or there was the time that lumpy and crackbaby got drunk at a club then went home and got on the list and posted drunken messages to entertain us while we were working late. That was fun.

I just had a wierd experience. I’ve got to write it down before I forget about it. This attractive black chick named Selina in the office walked up to me in the break room… I was in line to go get some food and she looks at me and says “You look good.” I’m like, whoa, hold the fones here, what’s goin on? “You got this retro look about you.” I’m like, yeah, it’s kinda been my look for a while. She’s kinda makin me nervous, because she’s obviously nervous talking to me, kinda fidgeting and talking fast, forgetting words.

By the way, I really don’t look retro, except for these Norman Rockwell glasses that I have. 50’s looking. Otherwise I dress business casual, and I wear 3 wallet chains. (which I haven’t wore for the last week because my new Christmas wallet broke – wah, etc).

But anyways, the reason she’s so nervous becomes apparent. She asks me if I’m a Christian. I say yes. So if Christ came right now you know where your going? Because the rapture is coming, and it’s coming soon. She asks me what church I’m going to. I tell her I haven’t been to church here since I moved here 7 months ago, but I used to go to a non-denominational church called Grace Community in my home town.

She says yeah, that’s good, non denominational churches are the best. I say that I agree, because I do. That way the church usually doesn’t come prewrapped in dogma from a whole denomination, just what this small group of believers has found to be true.

Anyways, it sounds like a cool church, but then she asks me if I speak in tongues. I’m totally unprepared. I don’t speak in tongues. I don’t really trust that sect of churches that claim to speak in tongues. It is just pure babeling to me, not any kind of way to speak to God.

When God gave the gift of tongues to the disciples, it wasn’t to babel in praise to God, it was to reach a large group of people in different languages. The tract and thing about the church she gave me described speaking in tongues as something completely different.

“…Begin to praise God for filling you with the Holy Spirit. Speak those words and syllables you receive — not in your own language, but the language given to you by the Holy Spirit. You have to use your own voice. God will not force you to speak. Worship and praise Him in your heavenly language — in other tongues.”

I have always been wary of churches who speak in tongues ever since I met an MK (Missionary Kid) in high school from Kenya who witnessed a church speaking in tongues, and he had a translator who new a dialect that one of the dudes in the back seemed to be speaking — and the fellow was cursing God in a language of an African tribe. This was in America during shore leave. These people at this church had never been to Africa.

That could be just a story, but speaking in a giberish tongue doesn’t make sense to me when so much of the Bible is so logical. I asked Selina, and the reasoning she gave me was that the ‘devil can’t understand you when you speak in tongues.’ Which I don’t understand either.

I’m going to research this a lot. I may go to this church and record some stuff, and have it analyzed with a linguist, and do some studies or something on it. This is something that has perplexed me a long time and I’ve never done anything to find out more about.

Anyways. I guess it’s time for the quote of the entry. I’m really tired. I’m going to take my afternoon nap a little early here, and hope no one catches me. Gosh I feel like Dagwood.

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