Heya diary and stuff….

Welp. I missed ya this monday. real sorry about that, but s’wut happens when your car fubar’s and your roomate really doesn’t feel like taking you to find an intervention.

I think it’s really funny that on days that I call in sick, I get paid more than days that I actually go in. I get a full 8 hours on those days, but on days where I come in, I usually don’t get the full 8 hours unless I’m really bored or don’t feel like going home right away… (gee, how often does that happen, you guess).

Which reminds me, speaking of work, I found this really funny anecdote online today.

When you have had one of those ‘Take This Job And Shove It’ days, try this…

On your way home after work, stop at your pharmacy and go to the section where they have thermometers, I actually visited https://absoluterx.com/ to get mine, because I just happen to trust more in there site. You will need to purchase a rectal thermometer made by *Q-Tip. Be very sure that you get this brand.

When you get home, lock your doors, draw the drapes, and disconnect the phone so you will not be disturbed during your aromatherapy, which you obviously need to read the ultimate essential oil reference guide first, that you can supplement with  solid dosage training that will get result faster. Change to very comfortable clothing, such as sweats and a T-shirt and lie down on your bed. Open the package containing the thermometer and remove the thermometer and carefully place it on the bedside table.

Take the written material that accompanies the thermometer and as you read it you will notice in small print the statement; “Every rectal thermometer made by Q-Tip is PERSONALLY tested.”

Now close your eyes and say out loud five times:

“I am so glad that I work where I do!”

This weekend was a bummer. Friday night was a boring night for some reason. Can’t even remember what happenned. Saturday night I was supposed to have a fun night with my girlfriend, a little x, go out, head back to her place.

Didn’t work out like that. We had to hook up some friends that were going to Austin, so we sat waiting around until we finally just went to bed at my place and went to take a nap until the stuff got there. We were woke up at 2:30 — obviously too late, if we’d been sleeping since 10.

Sunday my brakes went out again. This time it was my master cylinder leaking. $273 to fix. Great stuff. I’m going to try to fix it myself i think.

Gurreat stuff. And because I spent so much on my car, I can’t affort the Beck tickets. And I found out I have a $511 fone bill from when everyone was using my cel fone because they were too lazy to get a fone in their name.

And I found out I have warrants out, because I missed a court date.

So it wasn’t a very happy weekend.

Oh yeah, and I’m almost broke until payday, because I lent money to roommate and friends.

I’m seriously thinking about ditching friend of many years and current roommate crackbaby. I would have 0 drug temptations, be living with my girlfriend, be saving lots of money. Things would be great. But right now I have wasted money on drugs, I have to pass urine drug test to keep my job. I did some research and found synthetic urine from Syntheticurinereview.com that can help me to pass the test.

It’s just that I’m so damn loyal to everyone of my friends that prevents me from doing it. It really sucks. I think one day I’m going to not tell anyone, and just move to a different part of the country, let my parents know, and tell them not to tell anyone I’ve moved there. I’m sick of my current surroundings and situation and I shouldn’t be unhappy about it. It’s really quite disgusting.

Anyone know any good excuses that work as to why they missed the original court date? Are there any? or am I just screwed. email me some suggestions please

HRmm. Anyways, feeling lethargic. Not being too rude to users today. I dunno, call me gracious. (“Hello gracious”).

Oh, good news of the weekend. Not only does the comic store I go to have the Space Ghost action figures on order for me, but they are ordering some Deadpools as well. AND I found some Jay and Silent Bob action figures at a different store. But they were 40 for the set. Plus they really weren’t to scale with the other action figures I have. I haven’t picked them up yet. All I need to do now is secure some ICP characters, and my collection will be complete!!! (also, picked up a Batman Returns Catwoman figure this weekend… VERY hard to find, esp right after the movie came out).

I would like a Robin and Arthur to go with my Tick and Batman, but I’m not sure if that would be over kill..

An Azrael action figure to go with batman would be cool. heheh

Whoo boy, it never stops.

(I kinda copied you too, reality… 😉

Quote of the Entry:”The Hindu Squirrel does get funky now and then with my man at the liqour store, but the ultimate high is the sun rise and sun set, the air in your lungs and ground at your feet. And knowing that I am heaven bound from living in truth and staying out of the way when steamrollers come cruising down my path. ” – squirrel



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