Ok Diary… here’s da scoop.

Most likely tomorrow, I’m not going to update, because, well, I’m not going to be boredatwork (TM). It’s icing over here in the big D and we don’t like to drive in ICE here.

But if I had more time I’d be writing stuff about building up walls and things around yourself. I’ll keep you in suspense about it for a couple days. I gotta catch a ride home now. But the idea for that topic was given to me by a new acquantance, a really cool chick, Skunk_Girl.

Hey everyone, my friend Reality had a rough day today, so send her an email saying that it’ll all get better, so she’ll feel all warm and fuzzy and stuff.

And if you are really on a roll for doing good deeds, everyone send me a dollar. I need the money to fix my car, and I don’t want to wait till payday.

For real, yo, I’m out, my ride’s prolly waiting now.

(BTW, like the new design? It’s not done yet).


Quote of the Entry: “I have been wandering around quietly wishing to be shot in the face but it hasn’t happened yet. So it probably won’t. Not soon, anyway. ” – intravenus

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