I just love VM’s. It gives me an hour a day of doing nothing. The only bummer is I have to reach up to the fone every 30 seconds to delete another ‘urgent’ VM.

Our IS department sends out about 1000-1500 urgent broadcast VM’s a week. Each range from 30 seconds to two minutes a piece. Let’s average that out. If everyone actually listened to these messages (lets say the average message is 60 seconds long) how much time would be wasted.

Anywhere from 16 2/3’s up to 25 hours a week.

1500 VM’s is a bad case scenario, but 1000 is a conservative weekly estimate, meaning about 1/5 to almost 1/2 of the week is spent at least listening to voice mails.

What should I do with this information. Should I go to my boss, and let him know, possibly recieve a pat on the back for improving productivity by 100%? Or should I sit quitely on this news, and recieve money by slacking 50% of the time?

Hrmm… I think you all will know what I choose.

Quote of the Entry: “… it was almost entertaining. I can’t describe it. He was like an amusement park ride: Fuck the Asshole Skater.” – diarrhea

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