Dear Diary…

Some people just don’t have a life. And principal among these folks are those whose intials start with Rizzn Do’Urden. (Yes. That’s me).

Can you believe that people discriminate those who don’t have lives? I’m not going to accuse anyone who may read these pages of not having lives, but I know a disproportionate number of geeks and computer addicts traditionally read web pages and may spend inordinate amounts of time compared to the rest of the American public chatting, messaging, emailing, or say even reading other peoples diaries. So listen up this may pertain to you.

Back a few months ago, before I met my very beautiful girlfriend who I love very much, I was surfing the personal ads on Yahoo! (how I met her), and I found this one interesting prospect, she was pretty, my age, going to college in the area, seemed to be into the things I was, and we started giving each other the typical 20 questions routine you do in that situation.

She asks me if I do stuff that takes me out of the house much. Now my natural inclination is to say no, but it’s the truth. She could have easily told whether or not I did by re-reading my profile, which clearly stated I was a nerd who spent most of his time on a computer.

I hesitated in answering, which was good, because she clarified what the correct answer was by saying she couldn’t stand those kinds of people who just hung around the house all the time.

Clearly that one didn’t develop into a relationship.

Ok, not proof of a widespread problem? Well, I don’t have proof of a widespread problem, but let me tell you about another instance of discrimination against those with no life.

The other day I was smoking with the girl who has the cube next to mine, a cool Vietnamese chick named Kim. We were outside shooting the shit. She comes up with this out of the blue question… “When you are not at work, do you go out much, or do you stay at home and stuff all the time?”

Learning from my previous experience, I say “Well, I do go out occasionally, but I spend a lot of time on my computer.”

“Really? I hate people who don’t go out at all.” Stammers a little bit, then adding, “Not you, but you know people that don’t go out any at all.”

Mmmhmmm. Okay. Fabulous. Y’see? This world all wants to be as powerful as the nerds, but doesn’t want to give up it’s so-called ‘life.’ In this world you must make things called SACRIFICES!!

Heheh.. just a little rant I needed to get out of my system.

Not speaking of rants at all (I am the king of transitions), do you remember your first job? I recently discovered UncleBob’s diary, and read his post about telemarketers, and of course I was immediately reminded of my first job. I was a nerd back then too. (yes, my nerdiness goes wayyyy back). And I remember how I was so proud of my first job where I made what I would still consider today a respectable amount of money (mostly from commissions). I even enjoyed my job, and this was before I heard of going to work baked!

The reason, I think, I did so well was because of the normal employee my company usually employed. Everyone there, just about was actually straight out of a local halfway house (I shit you not!). So the work and commision structure was designed to accomidate a crackhead. I myselfe have never done crack, and at that point, any drugs at all, so I excelled at the job and made upwards of 900 dollars a week.

So naturally I defended my job quite vigrously when it was attacked by the likes of Uncle Bob.

But then 3 months later, I got a real job, and learned the error of my ways.


Quote of the Entry: “ever since i was a little burrito i have always wanted to be dead because the things that i love most in this world are extream darkness, extream quiate, and being left alone and thats what i always imagin death to be.” – burrito

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