Dear Diary,

What a blah day. I wake up, I’m like blah. Fab-U-Lus. Cannot absolutely wait for today.

“Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.” (*Ka-BOOM*)

On the bonus side of things, this weekend it appears my car is back to tip-top shape. It wasn’t my master cylinder that was fubar’ed, just a break line that I didn’t re-attach correctly. Folks, I’ll say this once — never go to Firestone, they will rip you off.

That and Just Brakes rules.

Sorry. Just a little well deserved product placement.

I had pretty good fun this weekend, I xed with my girl Friday night, we had lots of fun. Saturday, I ran around, did errands, played video games. Slept.

Sunday I slept till noon, and it felt good. Then I went up to visit my girlfriend at work, poor darlin’, having to work during the superbowl. Everyone thought I worked there (she works at an ISP). Everyone that works there is a freak of some sort.

She was tired when she came home, and then we went over to Acid.Burn (aka big black man)’s house, played some PlayStation. He’s got a cool new apartment. Some place called the Mansions. Pretty fuggin nice. On-site 4 star resturaunt/cabana. Girl got tired, we went home.

She was a little irritated with me last night, but nothing serious, because she seems really happy to talk to me this morning online. Which I’m glad about, because I had terrible dreams last night when I went to bed with her angry at me.

I kept getting shot in my dreams. In the back of the neck. I can’t remember the name of the song that was playing thru all my dreams, I wanna say Fastball’s show me the way, but that’s not correct. Something like that anyway. But the whole night was one big dream over and over, and this bullet started about 10 feet away, and I could see it go thru every tendon and fiber of my spinal cord in the back of my neck until it broke thru.

Pretty bad.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now.


Quote of the Entry: “[I] wonder if I have an enemy out there who has put me in some kind of ICQ cybersex cult without me knowing. Anything is possible you know.” – yaddahness

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