Dear Diary,

I was looking around at other diaries, I found two cool ones. One was dirtygirl and the other was Embryo. I found them by linking from mungleford today.

I really don’t know how to review those diaries, because they seem, well, I’ll say it, cool. They are very cool, very interesting to read. I get the feeling, though, that I’m reading it as an outsider.

Hrmm, I’m going to grab some lunch and continue….

*rizzn ambles to jack in the box*

elevator music ensues

*rizzn moseys back after assisting phil with his excel sheet*

Sheesh, on a different subjeckt. That was at lunch, it’s like 3 or something now.

Anyways, Kim, the person who’s cube is next to mine, opened up like a floodgate about her lovelife problems again. She’s finally breaking up with the dude she’s been living with for 2 years. Kim is an asian chick, and I normally wouldn’t mention it, but Kim is especially hung up on being asian.

(whew close call, she just came in the cube to return a highlighter — good thing she isn’t the nosey type that reads their neighbors screens. Doncha just hate that crap?)

Anyways, she has this strict policy of dating asian only dudes, except now she seems to have recinded that policy. She now wants me to hook her up with a white guy, because she doesn’t know any. I figured I am safe from her advances because she is looking for someone over twentyfour (I’m twentyone). Not that I would normally mind, but I have a girlfriend now, and I don’t need another girl I see on a regular basis vying for my attention. I guess she kinda lost that chance when I was still single.

But I figured that she’d have fun with my roomate Phitt, and Phitt is definately messed up enough in the head for it to be funny for innocent bystanders, so I think I’m going to set him up with her. It should prove amusing for future diaryland entries. Watch for the ensuing drama.

Just so you know, Phitt is cool, he’s got a level head, keeps a steady job, has great aspirations that will definately make him a bigshot one day, but in off the job conduct he’s got mannerisms sometimes that make it hard to tell whether the fellow is tripping or when he’s sober. It’s quite entertaining. Him with Kim should be fun.

Anyway, there’s like a hundred calls in queue all of a sudden so something important on the network must have blown up or i don’t know. I’ll write later or tomorrow or something.


Quote of the Entry

All I’ve got to say is:

“White trash, get down on your knees, it’s time for cake and sodomy”

– doug

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