Top o the mid morning to you mr diary,

I just realized that I am indeed a wack-o, as reality so eloquently put it. I went over re-reading my diaries, and I must agree, that if I were to asess this person called rizzn on an objective level that I might hafta concur on that.

Which is why I seldom make judgement call’s on other peoples sanity except when I catch them in the act of LSD consumption (because that’s the only time to really be certain someone is certifiably insane – an that’s a fact). Y’know? It’s like pot, kettle, black.

Pot, kettle, black is something I personally can’t stand, either. Like shortly after I started going out with my girl, she was going thru a rough patch of life, and was slightly fragile. Just because she exhibited some signs of frailty, many people assumed she was ‘crazy.’

That’s something I can’t stand, especially from those who were saying it. People who shall remain nameless, but initials start with Acid.Burn and crackbaby (friend and roommate, respectively). People known for their lack of mental stability, and I’m talking actual real, institionable problems, here.

On a different note, I’d like to thank all six individual viewers that come to my diary on a regular basis. I know who some of you are because I email you, but my stats show a couple more that are coming too via direct hits. I am pleased an honored. Danke.

And if you, too want to recieve a non monetary reward from the lost and found box, and/or a personalized thank you email from mister rizzn (that’s me), book mark my diary and I’ll mention you in a future entry. and you could be famous. Because someday when I’m dead all these entries will be discovered, and I’ll be revered as the revolutionary that I am.

Now that just proves I’m crazy.

Does that mean I have to join that webring of wack-os now?


Quote of the Entry: “alright, i’m not always the clever boy i put myself out to be. currently, i’m suffering the wrath of God- permanent brain freeze. the moral of this story? — Now go visit your local dental office and leave the goddamn nitrous there.”

– Orpheus

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