if this entry looks all fubared, its because i’m writing it in the mall on one of these cheesey terminals they have. you know,those kiosks up s thayou will buy this or that internet service. the keys are intentionlly designed to miss the firt time you hit them. here comes a salesan.

i’m almost over my incident. they say that i’m okay now. just ecause i brutaly murdered 38 people on that charter airline jet just for reading over my shoulder at what i was writing.


learned that trick from penn jillette. that salesman won’t be bothering me for the duration of my stay here.

anyways. i’ve been skipping work lately. i wish i could say ive been having fun doing so, but i actully have strep throat disease.

it sux.

i’ve finally got some meds that mak the swelling in my throaat go down but it was swole shut this weekend. quite painful.

why am i wasting my time at this stupid kiosk?

m girlfriend is getting her hair dyed at the mastercuts over there. it should only take a few more LIFETImes1!!

gahh this keyboard sux.

no quote of the entry today. i don’t have them with me. if this thing fubars my entry and it doesn’t post, you’ll hear about me on the news killing hapless bystanders (sorry been reading too many indy comics today….ICp, johnnythe homocidal, gloomcookie)

oh, btw, doug from frail is the one i quote all the time, in my quote of the entry. he wrote me this weekend. i couldn’t tell if he was pissed or what, but from now on i have to link to him when i say stuff he says.

anyways, i’m out before too many more peeps panties wad up on them.


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