Dear Diary,

I’m back to normal. Hey stop laffing. What I mean to say is I’m back at work, *grumble grumble*, not lazing around in bed with strep throat sickness.

It started Friday with a throat clogging up, and me not waking up until 2pm. it continued all weekend. Sunday I had to go to the emergency room cuz I had a really high temperature.

Why are all these people around here so chipper and happy. They should be sick and miserable like me.

Monday thru Friday I laid around and played ‘The Sims’, the next best game in the world from the best software company in the world, Maxis.

My CD goes into post-production tonight. We’ll see how that goes. It’ll probably go back into production or some sort of stage of refinement afterwards, but we are going to take a shot at post production starting tonight. No one has emailed me any suggestions for a group or cd title name yet. I’ll give the person who names it and it gets chosen a free cd or something, or I’ll make a song in your honor on the cd. your choice.

I spent the entire day today in a feel-good seminar. It was all about how to do my job, like I haven’t figured it out by the time I’ve spent 7 months here. And then at the end it’s the whole spiele about how important we as tech heads are, and we should feel so important and we are like little Mother Theresa’s (those are the actual words). It was pathetic.

I could have gone straight home after the seminar, but I came back so I could finish this diary entry and turn in my sick notes so I could get paid. So feel special, because you are 50% of the reason I’m spending extra time in my grey jail.

Anyways, I’m out. Love Rizzn.

Quote of the Entry: “My brother happened to be in my bedroom when an interesting commercial came on. It was the “this is the

face of erectile disfunction one.” He said, “Now what happens when I see one of those men on the street. I’ll look like a freak when I run away screaming that I saw THE face of erectile disfunction.” I told him that he put the “dis” in disfunctional family and to get out of my room. ” – dirtygirl

(I’ve seen that commercial, though, with my girlfriend oddly enough this weekend several times, and it never fails to disturb me every time.)

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