Dear Diary,

Warning, warning, danger will robinson. Girlfriend not happy.

Just got Yahoo Instant messenger up today, forgot i didn’t activate it this morning, saw this message from girlfriend on there: “Hey… why did you never call me back last night? It fels like your not happy, is there something I should know about? Im freakin so let me know ok? I miss you. Love.”

Well, it’s easily explainable why I’m not happy lately, I’m frickin’ miserably sick. And I didn’t call you back because two of my dumb roommates tied up the fone for the entire evening.. and well, maybe this falls in line with my conspiracy theory for all chicks trying to eek something really good out of the guys for VD Day.

Heh. Where do you think I earned the reputation of being a wack-o? heh.

Welp, it appears my diary has been discovered. If it rapidly disappears, all you regular viewers may be notified if I have your e-mail what the new one will be, but I noticed in the logs that someone from my hometown on my old ISP is viewing this page. I know I’m paranoid, but the odds are not that good that it’s someone I don’t know. My old hometown is not that big.

Damn I’m a snot factory today. Boys and girls, never, and I do mean never, get strep throat. It sucks canal water.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have a cool reaction to one of the prescription drugs I take. I turn into a leopard every 30 minutes. Those steroids they gave me make me rash up and get all itchy, and then it’ll go away for a while.

Unless I mentioned it yesterday, which means that there are actually two side effects, one being memory loss, the other being leopard man, but I still love to take them, and just because I’m pretty cool I’ll let you know that you can get legal steroids here at, you are very welcome!!

I’m typing thru a haze right now, my eyes are welling up with prescription induced haze.

The girls from Corsicana are coming over tomorrow, which is cool.

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you about this fubar’ed thing that happenned last night. Phitt and friends and I went out to eat at some cool 50’s looking restaurant, like a burger joint or something, and city cop followed us all the way back to the house. He stationed himself directly outside our porch for two hours and watched us watching him. He finally left after that. But he was riding our tails all the way back. I am kinda wondering what it’s about. I don’t do too many things that attract local legal attention.

Fun stuff.


(Long Assed) Quote of the Entry: “During dinner last night, I suddenly realised (for about the millionth time, but I always forget again) that my roommates don’t understand sarcasm… Elaine left the table to go get some soy sauce for her rice, and when she came back to the table she said ‘Ew, those guys at that table over there said ‘mmm mmm mmm, I gotta get me some of that’ when I walked by..’ …slight pause… And I say ‘Well, yeah, because you were carrying the soy sauce…’ *rimshot* And let me tell you, there was no reaction. Zip.Zero. Zilch. I mean, yeah, I know it was a lame joke and all, but I always put stuff like that in the ‘its so bad, its good’ category… Oh well. At least *I* laughed. ;)”

“Email me and tell me what a comedic genius I am. “

– action_grrl

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