Dear Diary.

Why doesn’t IMOOD have a setting for when you feel like ASS? I guess I should suggest it. For I feel like ass today. My dumb roomate crackbaby made me stay up way late last night because he wanted me to go get cigs with him at 2:30 am, and I’m sick, and need sleep, and hafta be at work at 8:00am. And he goes to work at 4:00pm. Fuggin loser.

The general consensus is that men suck today. It’s what I’m hearing. Reality had the last word on this one, she thinks her boyfriend scratched her car with his truck, and he was acting suspicious about it. Kim, the girl from the next cube over just got kicked out of her house that she has with her boyfriend of a couple years, and a couple other people online were telling me about their romance problems with dudes. All so close to Valentines Day. I guess they think they can just fugg it all up and make it up on Monday.

I wonder if I secretly pissed of my girlfriend. Or here’s a conspiracy theory. What if all the chicks in the world are just feigning pissed-offedness so that their respective significant others will go that extra mile Monday to make them feel better.

The dude from across the hallway has decided that we must have been extremely bad people in a past life to deserve the work environment we work in now. If I believed in re-incarnation, I’d hafta agree that I was Ghengis Khan. Or his lawyer. Now that must have been one scummy individual. Heh.

There you go. This is a new party game. Think of the worst people in the world and then think of how bad they were, and then think of how evil their lawyer would have to be.

Okay. I’m going to go cash my check now, it’s lunch time.

I’ll write more later, I guess.


Quote of the Entry: “[Valentines Day:] Just like New Year’s, only this time it’s personal. ” – mysteria

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