Dear diary…

I am really distraught right now. I’m truly freaking out. My girlfriend is MIA. For real. No one has heard from her in a couple days. I was supposed to meet her Saturday afternoon at lunch, but she came over to my house when I was still asleep at 11 and said she had pneumonia or however the fsck you spell it. And then left. I haven’t seen her since.

Crackbaby my roomate has been freaking me out with bullsh!t theories on how she’s trying to break up with me. I don’t buy it but it eats at my head. I’m going to be seriously fubar’ed in the head if that is the case.

This is the second time she’s done this to me. One night last week she took my car and I didn’t hear from her all night. But that was an easily explainable accident. This is weird. Is she in a hospital, at her brother’s, at her house? No one knows. I can’t get a hold of her at her house, been calling once an hour all weekend, wasn’t at work all weekend, I assume, I didn’t have her extension there. I have it now, only I got her voicemail, not her.

I’m calling her VM back now, I’m going to take a long lunch and hunt her down around the metroplex, going places where she could be.

Got her VM again.

Dear God please let her be ok.

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