Dear Diary…

Reality is holding out on us. She promised some juicy stuff at lunch time and what time is it? it’s like way after lunch. hooboy. wots up wid dat? 😉

Anyways… went and had lunch with the Girl today. She’s feeling much better, kissed me, told me she loved me. I think she’s trying to forget it. I’m torn now between asking her to discuss it and clear the air or forget about it.

Oh well, it’s not bothering me much, so I think I’ll let it slide for now. Bring it up in a couple weeks if an answer is not obvious or discussed.

I’m running out of quote for the entries. Using them faster than I find them. In fact, I’m using my last one today so I guess I better get crackin’ for some more.

Be witty, people! (So I don’t have to be and I can just quote you!)

Smoke time .. brb

30 Minutes Later

Wow, long smoke break. Told people the story abuot the time I got witnessed to by a pentacostal chick up here. We got into a mild theological discussion. It was kinda fun. It’s interesting to see how people who have no theological training or background nor any religious beliefs claim to have such far reaching knowledge of Christian theology.

Other people were looking at us funny. Guess religion isn’t something people talk about at work much.

The discussion was quite civil. Frank was cool about it, because I was rippin’ on that brand of pentacostals, and he grew up as one. Erin was quite ignorant of theology, for a smart person. She bases more of her knowledge on experience, than fact. Phil didn’t say much.

Anyways. I’m still in the process of trying too hookup my roommate Phitt and Kim. This should prove interesting.

My girlfriend’s telephone number is ‘temporarily disconnected’. And I’ve got to get a message to her about keeping her job. Eeesh… suckage.

Ohwell, I’m out till I have more to say.


Quote of the Day: “Make my plans as one big joke and work towards the punchline. On… uh… the world I guess. And the best part is, the world doesn’t even GET IT! It’s like a fuckin’ episode of FULL HOUSE!!!”

– akaifailure

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