Well, g’mornin diary. And a g’mornin it is.

Yes, better spirits for the Riz-boy this morning. I wish someone would get off their cel fone in the office because it interferes with everyeone’s headfones, and it’s quite annoying. But not as annoying as this call I’m about to pick up will be I’m sure.

Anyways, things with the Girl are going better. I was invited to stay with her at her house last night. She is not feeling as depressed it seems. Which is good, if she’s not depressed, I’m not depressed.

But we still need to clear the air about our discussion about taking steps back that we had this Monday. It’s not eating me alive like it was before because I’m pretending in my mind it didn’t happen (which is what she may be doing — but I don’t think so), but this is not healthy, it needs to be dealt with on level heads. I don’t think that either of our heads were level Monday.

I am unbelievably tired. And it’s not even lunch yet. Usually I don’t take my nap at work until after 3 or so. And it really sux cuz I’ve got to run all over town today on lunch.

I’m about ready to crash. This sux.

Oh, forgot to tell you yesterday. I am supposed to have won $1000. Some scratch off card they stuck on my door at my house yesterday morning. I’m thinking of getting a scratch off lotto ticket with that kinda luck.

I know it’s a Bad Idea to have my girlfriend working in the same department as me, but I’m trying to get her a job as she may be losing her job due to illness where she’s at now. I’m trying harder to keep her job there than get her a job here. I just think it would be a blow to her confidence if she interviewed here and didn’t get the job… although I’m quite confident she’d get it.

She has absolutely no confidence in her technical abilities, even though she is smart as a … thing that’s really smart. I was going to put smart as a tack, but that never made sense to me, what’s the difference from being as smart as a tack, or dumb as a doornail? Are tacks really that much more intelligent than a doornail?

But back to the point, I wish she’d have more confidence in her abilities. Sure, she might be a bit inferior in job experience and skills to me, but most everyone is. (BTW, that’s not a boast, I’ve just been a computer nerd all my life, so for someone to have more skills than me is someone who has logged some SERIOUS nerd time on a computer) She’s the smartest computer chick I know personally, and I wish she’d realize that.

Anyway, i need to sleep or work or both, so I’m signing out for now, diary.


Quote of the Entry: “Here’s a food I never ate simply because of it’s name: Sauteed Bull Testicles.”

– Uncle Bob

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