Dear Diary,

Once again, my girl has been gone for two days, and not called me. She called me at 3pm on Saturday (an hour after I woke up), and asked me to go to her neice’s birthday party while we were starting a LAN party. I had thought that it was going to start (the birthday party) much later, so that’s why I had made plans to help setup the LAN.

At least she was understanding about me waking up late on a Saturday this time. Last time that happened, well, go back and read the diary. You prolly know what happened. Heh.

I was inCREDibly late to work today. Like 2 3/4 hours. As usual, no one noticed.

The reason I’m trying so hard to get a hold of my girlfriend and stuff is so she’ll have a job. Which is necesary, because I don’t think I’m going to pay her rent for her again this time. Because she’s starting down a track of destruction. She’s abusing me, yet relying on me for survival. All for the sake of feelings.

I guess she’s the only one who’s feelings can be considered in this relationship. But it’s important to remember, I’m not bitter. Just venting. Grr.

Actually, today should be a GREAT day. Check out this email I got in my box this morning. It rules:

Just wanted to let you know that I think your diary kicks ass. Thanks, )O( Akira

Hee hee. I kick ass.

Plus I had to deal with our proxy server being down this morning. I’m hearing from my co-workers that if I keep dealing with issues that are for SST’s (supervisory positions in my dept), I’m precariously perched on receiving a promotion, and a token salary increase.

Hrmm. Well, from the bored look on the faces of all you people staring at your screens, you probably tire of my current boring life and long to hear the latest installment of my exiting life at the House of Neddin’.

November ’98

This installment isn’t quite as exciting. But don’t worry, we’re about 2 months in the story from getting some real action, so to speak.

I guess what I’ll do today is introduce you to as many people as I can … Let’s pretend it’s Friday, children, and we’ll all go to one of my house’s drinking parties.

This is before I used to work at home. That comes in two months. So we’ll hafta begin sometime around 6:00pm or so. That’s because although I only live about 5 minutes, literally, away from where I work, I was turning into such a workaholic, that I stayed there for hours after work. But let’s just assume that today I came home at 6:00pm.

Well, let’s see, oh, big surprise, Travis is just now waking up from his current napping place, the couch!! How fabulous, yes it’s true, the deadbeat doesn’t have a job.

I met Travis when I was in 9th grade, in Sunday school class at the church I ended up going to after we left our Methodist church. It was a good church. But anyways, he was one of the first people to greet me.

Travis is by definition, a redneck. There’s just no other way to describe him. I, by definition, am not a redneck. I don’t know how he and I got along, but whatever. He was good at fixing cars, welding, not cleaning up, making messes, and cooking. Oh, and losing jobs. His favorite beer: Budweiser.

He had a job when he moved in, but lost it within two weeks. He got another job, but lost it too. He finally got a job that paid enough to pay rent, and then moved out. Since he gave me the washer and dryer that worked like sh!t, he thought that the bills had been paid.

Total cost for knowing Travis: $1500.

Ok, so Travis is just now getting up. “Hey Travis, how are you doing? We drinkin tonight? Oh course we are? Ok, cool.”

“By the way, did Jeff call?” I might ask.

Jeff is my brother (figuratively). I’ve known him since about ninth grade too, he fostered me thru high school, don’t know how I made it with him, don’t know how I woulda made it without him. Know how that goes? He was my best bud. His interests were including in-line skating, computers/internet, girls, dating, and girls. He was about as tall as me (6’something), and had dyed, bleached blonde hair. His favorite beer: Zima.

He used to give me all sorts of useless advice on how to act on dates, what few dates I had in high school, and how to get the chicks. I s’pose it worked for me about as good as it worked for him, but I never realized how bad we both were at it until much after high school.

Jeff was usually the “Beer Hootchie” as we liked to affectionately call him. He was the main man over 21. Dewey, the other non-minor, rarely bought beer, for some reason. Jeff had an unusual quirk. You know how people get when they’re drunk, it doesn’t matter what age you are. I was probably the only sheltered young’in who didn’t know what a drunk or a druggie looked like when I was at those younger ages. They get all crazy, lose inhibitions, etc. Well, Jeff never did these things, didn’t matter how much he drank. But he beer buzz began on the way to the liquor store. He’d act all crazy beforehand, and then just drink and be all normal Jeff. Just something funny we’d used to tease him about.

Ryan was his brother. I’d also known him for about the same amount of time. Jeff and Ryan also attended the same church I went to. Ryan now is doing webdesign for a firm I used to work for. But at this point, he was still in high school. He used to get drunk with the crew all the time. He’s like a shorter version of his brother. He enjoyed being on the computer, making ameteur movies, picking on people and mechanics. (Jeff and Ryan were not rednecks) His favorite beer: Zima.

Okay, so its about 6:30, and Courtney’s boyfriend, Big Nate, was about to make it over. He was over at the house so much he was just about a resident, but he never paid rent, and we never made him. He was the one who looked like Goldberg. He usually brought his childhood buddy Larry over with him.

Big Nate rules. An interesting story about him.

I don’t know how many of you actually follow wrestling, or as I like to say, wrasslin’, but in the WCW, and the other leagues he was in before that, Goldberg held an undefeated title. I’m not going to go into the story surrounding the defeat of Goldberg, but when Kevin Nash defeated him thru some bunk methods (he used a stun gun, or more acurately, his partner did) in what was supposed to be a 1 on 1 match for the title. Well, when that happenned, Big Nate, a 6′ monster who could pass for Goldberg cried. Kinda funny.

We didn’t tease him much about it though.

Big Nate like working at his camp that he worked at (maintenance), having sex with Courtney, weightlifting, drinking beer, and raising hell like a redneck. He was from a small town out side the small town of Tyler. His favorite beer: Miller Light or Budweiser.

When Big Nate came over, sometimes he came over with some Budweiser from work, and some preliminary drinking started. Then Dewey would come home.

Dewey is a real cool dude. Crazy though. He’s basically the clown of the group, overshadowing everyone else’s clown tendencies, because, well, he’s Dewey. I’ve known him since I was in high school, right around 9th grade. We used to go on mission trips all the time in high school, but Dewey, I think, wants to be a real deal missionary. He’s been on numbers of trips to South America. He really gets off on that. Either that or doing mechanical work. Dewey’s strange quirks (and he has millions of them. Dewey, himself, is a strange quirk) include owning many many non-functional cars. Mostly Impalas. And Honda CRX’s. And motorcycles. His favorite beer: Whatever everyone else is drinking.

Larry, by the way, at this point in the story doesn’t have a personality. He never said much. H

e just kinda sat around, quietly. He was really shy until we got to know him, so I’ll introduce him at a later time. But don’t wory, he comes into the story in a bigger way later on. He and Big Nate are the ones who named the house. But I get ahead of myself.

Mike and Rebecca would usually be making their ways over here pretty soon, followed shortly thereafter by Mike’s brother Mark, who was two years younger, and looked like a spittin’ image of him. Rebecca is one of the finest looking girls in the world (one of them, one of them. My girlfriend’s prettier ;-). Rebecca and Mike were always arguing. They were each other’s first time, and they’d been together since high school. It was such a sickeningly romantic thing. “Kinda makes you wanna cry, doesn’t it?” [nod to Brak]. But they always stuck together. Which was cool, because in that hound of jackals, we always told Mike whenever they broke up, we’d be the first guys on the hot pursuit of Becky. We even took numbers on who would go first. It would rotate by the week. 😉 Jackals, we were.

Becky was a girly girl, she had the funniest southern drawl, and wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack. But she was cool, and she’d always drink with us. And sometimes she’d get REALLY wasted. There was one time she got so drunk off some wine cooler and a bottle of champaigne that she was actually on the floor sliding around under people’s chairs. Not the thing to do on a bachelor pad’s floor. Her favorite beer: Zima, Wine Coolers, Bacardi Breezers.

Mike was cool dude. He was going to school and working at Montgomery Wards. He’s going to Texas A&M now, I think. He was a mechanic guy too. Most of these guys that I say are mechanics, all have their cars tricked out to race, or are working on cars to do so. Drag race. Funny thing was I could usually get my old Delta ’88 to do close to the same thing, stock. It pissed ’em off. 😉 Mike liked mechanics, Rebecca, and partying. His favorite beer: Zima or Budweiser.

Mark, Mike’s brother was pretty cool. He didn’t always come over. He had his own girlfriend that didn’t always like our parties and stuff. But he had a tricked out Corvette that was pretty cool. His favorite beer: Budweiser (noticing a trend here?).

I think that’s everyone except Courtney, who usually came in late (it’s about 10:00pm now, everyone has poured in, the beer has been flowing for about an hour and things are underway), because she was a waitress at a Mexican restaurant down the road. That circle of friends she had there touched my past and future circle of friends that lead me down the bad road. But that comes much later.

But she’d come home and immediately start berating Big Nate for drinking so much, and then proceed to drink herself silly on hard liquor or beer. I’m not sure what her interests were, well, let me think back. I guess, girly things, the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, MTV, VH1, Big Nate, and talking about us needing to clean up the house.

And then there was me. I didn’t drink.., alcohol. Usually I just drank Jolt that was leftover from the punk shows that Jeff, Ryan and I put on.

We’d play all kinds of drinking games, go out on the front yard and drink like rednecks, go in the back and drink, be so loud that the cops would get called. Usually, though, the cops would just get called because of the parking situation. Tickets all around! Woohoo! It was crazy that we never got busted for MIP since everyone was always drunk talking to the cops and stuff. Ohwell.

But there you go, that’s a more formal introduction to everyone in the house at the time. And it takes you a month closer to where all the sh!t starts going down, which I think starts in December or January. Stay tuned.

Jeez that took me a long time to write. I started that around 10:00am or so today, and I just now got done with it, it’s around 2:00pm.

I still can’t get a hold of my girl to tell her to bring her frickin’ applicatoin in.. I went ahead and turned my roomate Crackbaby’s app in. He’s going to be hooked up with a job on my team (Team Wank) here soon, now. Working on getting Phitt up here, and then the whole team will be wankin’, er workin here.

I’m hungry though, and I’ve worked thru my lunch. Doh.

I hate it when I do that.


Quote of the Entry: “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither suffer much nor enjoy much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

– Some Cheesey Bastich.

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