Good Mornin’ Diary…

Yes it is. It’s a friggin’ FABulous mornin.

Well, I spent the night last night with my Girl. Apparently she had a sh!tty beginning of a day, and she said she had a bad day yesterday, but I don’t see how, as she spent the day DRINKING.

Yep, that’s right. I was finishing up that monster entry from yesterday, and right around 4:00 I got another call from her informing me that she had drank a case of Corona. And would I come over after work.

I so much wanted to be drunk when she told me she was (It woulda been more fun than what I was having).

So after work, I hitailed it to her house. We smoked a couple, had the remaining beers, and headed over to her friend Rick’s house. She had told them she was going to hang out with them that night.

But before we left, we got a call from her friend Davin, who I find a little annoying at times, but he seems alright. Davin insisted that she come over when she get’s back from Rick’s house.

Bonus to this: Traci sleeps with me that night, over at my house, as Davin lives closer to me than to her.

No bonus to this: Traci doesn’t come back with my car till 5am leaving me awake and worrying about her over at some guy’s house.

I think I figured out why I don’t much care for these Jay and Nick fellows that she hangs out with in Denton every once in a while. Just about every male friend she’s had she’s dated for a short while. She’s usually said that dating them was a mistake, and gone back to being friends with them. But all that does is make all her male friends want to go back out with her, and a little jealous of me.

And I get this little voice in the back of my head that says when am I going to go back to being a friend?

Jay and Nick are new acquantances. I’m not sure where Traci met them, but I think it was online. She just joined a band with them, she’s supposed to practice all day Saturday with them.

I think I’m niccing out, my brain is feeling so detached currently, and I’m obsessing about dumb stuff. Cigarettes suck. Don’t start.

I would like to make that a cool segue into the part of the story where I start smoking and wish that I hadn’t, but that doesn’t come for a couple more action packed months.

Too many calls this morning. I’m not awake enough for this bunk shite. Thank goodness it’s almost smoke break time. But smokin buddy Chris isn’t here. Smoking alone is not fun.

According to a self-test like what comes out of Cosmopolitan that Kim (the chick in the next cube over) sent me via email, “[I] can easily attract the opposite sex, but [I do] not easily fell into the loving trap. [My] humor makes them to want to get along with you. He/She will be happy being with [me]!”

So exciting!

Erg. Anyways. I’m out for now. Expect a house of neddin update in the near future. Like today or something. Unless some cool people come online with AIM to chat (hint hint, you know who you are).

Thank goodness it’s payday.


Quote of the Entry: “Ever had a weird sensation that time had actually stopped for a while? Just a brief flicker, or what would seem like a brief flicker, because after all, time had stopped. I was looking at the clock at 10:15:17, and I could have sworn everything stood still for…well, who knows how long. Everything except my mind, of course. Maybe I just had the hiccups, but I don’t think so. It was very thought-provoking.”

– Tenderpoison

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