Dear Diary.

What’s going on. I had a busy weekend, this weekend. Well, eventful, anyways.

Friday, when I finally left work, I headed over to my Girls house, who was not drunk that day, but feeling rather badly.

I stopped on the way to buy some cigs at the Viet. convenience store next to her house. I was already running late, but fate decided to delay me further.

You know that story I told you about the pentacostal? I don’t remember how long ago that was, but I remember saying that I was a magnet for weird religious types to come to witness to me.

I didn’t know how right I was.

I’ve been to this store before, and the young vietnamese is pretty cool, he speaks about 3 or 4 languages, however, his uncle, father, or whatever he is that owns/runs it with him doesn’t speak jack sh!t of english.

Well, as I was buying cigarettes, the man saw my Jesus fish necklace that I sometimes wear outside my shirt. (I was all goth boy that day in black, so it looked cooler on the outside my shirt).

He points at it and says “Jesus fish.”

I nod and say, “Yes.” Apparently this sets him excitedly off into a pseudo-conversation. I say pseudo, because he was doing most of the talking, and it was in very broken english.

At first he sounded like he was talking about the tribulation described in the book of Revelation. He started first talk about Jesus being alive “..about 2012 years back…” which I guess I agreed with, it sounds about right, give or take a few years. Satisfied I had understood his point, he got a piece of paper and a pen and starts to draw the planets.

“This sun.” Draws circles representing Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. “This one (pointing at Earth), here. I not know others. But Sun, grow big, burn earth.”

So you can kinda see where I was getting the Revelation reference from. Revelation and Genesis says the Earth will not again be destroyed by water, but by fire. So I’m hanging by a thread on his logical points trying to figure what he means out, and I think I have it at this point.

Then he says: “Jesus … not true god.”

I’m like, gee thanks, pally. You subject me to your ramblings for 10 minutes and tell me my religion is false. Cool deal pally.

Then he proceeds to tell me that Jesus lived on Asgard with all the other norse gods, and some of the gods from Olympus too.

So he’s gone from sounding like a Christian to a pagan/wiccan thingy, kindof, in a real loose way of interpreting things.

He mentions Buddha, too, but I couldn’t ever determine what he meant by that.

So he’s running the gamut of world religions.

Then he gets a calculator, and he draws a circle on the paper. He divides the circle in fourths, and two of the fourths into eighths. He brackets one of the eighths. Then he starts doing some sort of calculation on the calculator and comes up with the number 26,462 or something like that. And he indicates to me that this is the age of the world.

Which is about right according to young earth creationism. Indicates that the world is about 30,000 years old.

Then he starts talking about Mayan Temples and the Sphinxes in Egypt, Antartica, and the Pyramids.

And he writes down a date on the paper. 2000 – 12 – 23.

He looks at me with a serious face and whispers, “On this day … we all … die.”


“United States, Japan, Australia, California, all, under water. All die. But this year be very hard for us. Many die. But all die (points at the date) on day.”

Then he says, “I sorry. I not speak good. Come back later.”

And that was apparently the end of the conversation.

So, I went over to my Girl’s house, her roommate was pulling up at the same time I was, we went in, and one of the girls that lives across the yard from her was in chatting about stuff. Then one of my Girl’s roommate’s friends came over. And we watched most of “Shakespeare in Love.”

After that, Rick and Nicole came over, and we all went to this Irish Pub called Tipperary Inn. It was pretty cool.

I have found a new favorite beer. Harp. Begone, Shiner, Harp, you taste much better. Plus I actually got a buzz off of it, which is rare for me and beer. (which begs the question, why do I drink it. If I had a good answer for that I’d give you one).

But we parked at a table right in front of the folk bands that played. Lots of fun.

“There’s nothing so lonesome
So dull or so drear,
Than to sit at a bar of a pub with no beer.

Hee hee, drinking songs rule.

I ate some shephard’s pie there, which tasted absolutely gureat.

We stayed up there till about midnight. Drank about 7 pitchers of beer between the four of us. Ran a $90 tab. Didn’t expect that, but split up, it wasn’t so bad.

Had to just about carry my Girl out, she was pretty wasted, and she was wearing these weird platform leopard print shoes that it’s easy to break your neck in.

I stayed at her house that night and nursed her drunken self into not having a hangover.

Then on Saturday, she went to go practice in the new band she’s in, and I played Diablo with my roommates. On the way to my house, we met up with her roommate and her friend at Hooter’s and had beer and a Philly Cheestake. Mmmm.

My fourth roommate who I don’t talk about much, Solo_Exceptional, went out to go do some stuff for his gramma, got pulled over in H-E-B and got himself arrested.

He called us sometime around 9. Bail was like $300. Of course I had to pay it, but he promised me his new 733mhz computer if he didn’t get to pay me back. So I obliged. Unfortunately I think I won’t be making rent this month, but will be having a new computer. Pretty fubared. Don’t know whether to be happy or upset about that.

So blah blah blah. Girl stayed the night at my house. I played Diablo all night over the network with my roommates, accidentally. Just looked at my watch, and whoops, it’s 6am.

Went to bed, slept til 11. My Girl went to go hand out at her friend Davin’s house. Came back to me playing Diablo some more. I got off the computer as soon as she came back.

Then, uhh, oh yeah, everyone stopped playing Diablo, and Phitt got a call from his mom. Phitt and Crackbaby had not slept all weekend except for about 5 hours. So they were sleep deprived for real. And us listening to Phitt talk to his mom like a crackhead, and watching Crackbaby’s antics at the same time, was absolutely unbearably funny. Phitt kept trying to keep a straight face, and Cracbaby, my Girl and I were all snickering, trying to make Phitt laugh on the fone at inappropriate times. It was cool.

As soon as Phitt got off the fone, Crackbaby and Phitt fell asleep where they were sitting. My Girl and I left to go hang out at Rick’s house with Nicole.

We drank some wine, ate some cake and icecream (Rick’s son was 17 that day), and thru me telling the story about the Vietnamese dude to Rick, we got on the subject of theology, and had a rather good discussion. No real idiots in the conversation. Kindof is a change for me; no one being overly antagonizing. Everyone was posing good points and not taking cheap shots, which is what I mean by being an idiot. (I guess it helps to explain that my Girl, Rick, and Nicole are all pagans, Rick’s a pagan priest).

But everyone said that they respected me as a Christian, and wished that more people were like me. I was flattered beyond belief, and hope that my actions and words were a good example and Christ-like.

My Girl was going to stay over at Rick’s house because she promised to help Nicole find a new apartment and get her license renewed and stuff.

< p>

I drove home, got on the computer and played Dune 2000 until 4:00am.

And that is why I was late this morning.

(Whew! Am I wordy or what?)


Quote of the Entry: “Oh yeah, and I went to the park today to catalog the pigeons. They all look the same to me. It’s really hard.”

– joeyd

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