Dear Diary,

I coulda swore that this gif licensing thing was debunked back in my BBS’ing days as a hoax. We’ve always called it a hoax. Ack. Whatever.

To me it all sounds like a rumor that someone started to reduce the usage of .gif files in the world.

Well, today, I cannot put if off any longer, I’m going to give you another installment of the story.

But first I will tell you how unfun this week and next are going to be.

Let me show you my wallet. Y’see that? $200. Guess how long that has to last me. Give up? 2 weeks. Yeup. I’m screwed.

Here’s the even suckier deal. Rent’s due this month. Suckier still? My Girl’s rent is also due, and she lost her job and needs money until her last paycheck comes in.

It’s all because I agreed to bail my fscking dumb@$$ roomate out of jail. Shoulda left him there. He told me he’d pay my part of the rent, and I know I can live off a shoestring budget for a long ass time (I’ve been way poorer), the only thing I’m worried about is my Girl.

I absolutely hate the fact that I over-extend myself all the time. Always, near payday, I look at my wallet and go, “Damn, where did the money go?” And then I think, oh yeah, I floated so-and-so a loan this week. Everyone asks me for money all the time because they know I almost always say yes.

So if anyone has an legal, quasi-legal, or even illegal ways (but ways I won’t get caught at) to make about $200-$300, in about a day or so, let me know. It’s an emergency.

I dunno, I’m not stressed about. I would be if I was the type of person that got stressed out. But I’m not. My Girl’s stressed out. She get stressed out easily. Things just slide off my back. Doesn’t matter how sh!tty things are.

Someone’s come to work on my computer, I’ll finish the Jan ’99 part of the story when he gets done.


Quote of the Entry: (from chat logs)

Crackbaby: I am the creator.

Rizzn: izzatta fact?

Crackbaby: it is.

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