Heya Diary,

How did you like my story yesterday? I wrote it on the spot, but it was highly inspired. 😉 alrighty then. mailme and tell me wot you think. er zumpthing.

Well, anyways. YEsterday in roundup. I slacked. yes, big shock I know, but what else is new.

I actually felt a little bad about all the slack I performed yesterday, which is starting to scare me. I mean, I’m Captain of Team Wank over here, undisputed Captain at that. It’s what I’m known for.

I think it was fear of my job. I at least pretend to do my job on most days, and yesterday, I couldn’t fake it. I mean, I had my computer dismantled all day, and there were about 3 or 4 people in my office during the course of the day at any given moment. (Hey, y’like how I make my job sound more important by calling my cube an office? Yeah, mee too).

I also stayed atmy girlfriend’s house last night. She was still feeling a little anti-social, and her roommate wasn’t helping things, but that’s to be expected, her roommate can be a little thick at times.

She was talking to a friend of hers on the fone, and I know they were talking about me, because they were using code words. One of them was mashed potatoes. “Everything’s fine, except the mashed potatoes.”

I think I know what it means, too, but I don’t want to think about it.

Ack, there’s 8 people in the queue. Gotta go answer the fones. Suckage.

(I accidentally deleted my quotes text file, so I’m going to have to start a new one. So no quote of the entry till I do some more surfing. This really bites.)


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