Dear Diary,

In case you are wondering why I’m procrastinating on this House of Neddin’ story, it’s because someone from my hometown has been viewing this page, and unfortunately, I’m not sure who it is. If it’s who I think it is, then it probably doesn’t matter, but it just makes me uneasy that someone from REAL LIFE ™ is reading my diary. It’s ok for you regulars to read it, although I feel like I have friend to friend relationships, but they are based upon what I feel like for REAL, and not what I project in my day to day lives.

Kind of twisted, isn’t it?

The face of me here is what is really me, but the real me has a false face which isn’t revealed in real life.

Say that five times fast.

But that part of my life is an intense and dark point of my life. And that really doesn’t need to be public with people who didn’t walk thru that part of life with me, and even then, there are many things that those people don’t need to know about.

So basically stay tuned folks. If the suspicious hits go away, I’ll continue the posts. If you read this, user from my hometown (and you know who you are), please respect my privacy. There’s a reason I use an alias on the internet.

(although, like I mentioned when I started this thing, that everyone who knows me personally probably knows my alias – including my parents (doh) – I used to and occasionally still do get snail mail addressed to Rizzn Do’Urden. Even had magazine subscriptions to Rizzn).

(Yeah, surprising that Rizzn isn’t my real name, I’m sure, but it isn’t.)

(anyways, enough of these parenthetical paragraphs.)

One thing that I will continue however is the superhero stories. I think I still have enough daylight left today to do another one. I’ve gotta call my girl back, she left a message for me, but other than that I’m out for now, working on another masterpiece of the mind, erzumpthing.


Quote of the Entry: (from the Chat Logs)

Phitt1: We will start operation pooper scooper when I get home
Rizzn: err, ok.
Crackbaby: operation pooper scooper?
Phitt: Yes an operation to clean the apartment.

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