Dear Diary,

What a slack off day. I’m feeling so bored.

I came into work a little late again. Ok, two hours late. They seem to be pegging tons of people around here for being late, but so far no one has said a word to me. I wonder why.

Well, my 6month review is officially a month late now. I’m probably up for a 4-6% raise just like everyone else. Woo frickin hoo.

I can’t wait till I’m out of this slack off department. So I can move to a higher paying slack off department.

I certainly hope that Drew calls me back today so my Girl won’t be pissed that I don’t have a monitor for her computer. She needs that monitor so she can get set up on the internet and start looking for a job.

I’ve almost fallen asleep three times while typing this small amount of text.

Today rules.

I want to make a million dollars and retire. And I think that I would sleep a long time if I was retired. Probably for about 3 or 4 days straight. And then I’d get a nice house in the Cayman Islands. And sleep on the beach. And be happy.

Or I could just sleep in my cube.

Noticing a trend here? Where’s that imood changey thing… it’s going to say sleepy as fsck!

hoo boy.


Quote of the Entry: “Religion is like a drug–opium, maybe–and in some places people sit around in opium dens and smoke it while drinking complicated teas. In other places, though, it’s illegal and they’ll put you in jail for it or maybe chop of your hand. But I don’t really care for opium myself. It makes me logy.”

– joeyd

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