Dear Diary,

I know we just spoke. But I had another idea to expound upon and hopefully I can get it done in 30 minutes, because a mandatory smoke break comes up then and I don’t think I could hold on to the ideas that long.

But why do people worry and get stressed out. I very rarely do. But I think the reason I don’t get stressed came with a philosophy I adopted very early on in life.

Work to change that which you can. Don’t worry about the rest. If you live your life right, you may not have everything you want, but you’ll have what you need.

Explanation. By example I guess. The last time I was super stressed out was about the course of a weekend mounting up to the stressful Monday when my Girl was missing. It wasn’t something I could control, but it was something I could work to solve. I worried about her, but I left her in God’s hands, while striving to find out what I could on my own.

Example two. When I moved to Dallas from my hometown (if I ever finish the story, you’ll understand the background around this), I had no money, no love, no roof, just my belongings, scattered across three counties, and my buddy Dirty.A.Sid (he made it up not me, folks ;). I didn’t have a worry in the world. I mean I did, but it didn’t bother me. Things out of my control, that I couldn’t do anything to fix immediately are not worth worrying about.

All I needed to do was keep a straight mind to work at what I needed to do to fix the problems at hand. Two weeks later, I had an apartment, and a month later, a job. It was a tough time, but I hacked it.

When you worry about crap, you cloud up your mind. When you are stressed, you arent’ thinking straight, and you jump to irrational conclusions.

I think what has most people in this world stressed about life is the illusion of control.

People, no single person in this world has absolute or even 90% control over their life. Period. I don’t care who they are.

There is no need to be stressed out. Release the fact that you don’t have control over your life, and work to fix that which you do have control over. If some typhoon or hurricane comes and blows over all that you’ve worked to acheive, there’s no sense losing sleep over it. Shrug it off if you can, gripe about it for a while if you have to, but don’t wallow in it, for that leads down the path of non-productivity.

Perhaps I’m the only one in the world who’s mind is able to function this way. But it seems so senseless and illogical to worry and stress about things and become a burden to yourself and others when it accomplishes nothing. The sooner you learn to accept these what I consider truths, the more pleasant your life will become.


Quote of the Entry: “From desk we come to desk we shall return.”

– rizzn (yes. me.)

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