Dear Diary…

Thank God for friends to talk to about problems.

I just got off the fone with my Girl. It wasn’t good. She’s in one of her little moods where she gets irrational and says stuff she doesn’t mean. I hope it passes soon, because she said maybe we shouldn’t see each other for a while because she couldn’t trust me.

I don’t know how that works. This is just like living at home. I never did drugs or partied when I was at home. Never went out. Yet my parents insinuated that I was a bad kid and needed to shape up. All it really was that I was out of line as far as keeping my room straight and little things. Mountains out of mole hills.

Same thing with the Girl. Three small incidents that were out of my control caused me to be untrustworthy. When someone says that their boyfriend/girlfriend is untrustworthy, it’s usually because they’ve cheated on their significant other.

But I’m untrustworthy because I a) didn’t have the money to pay her rent on time because I had to bail my roommate out of jail (traffic tickets). b) she didn’t get the job I pretty much garunteed her at CompUSA because the HR Department is still dragging their feet to get an interview process started. c) I haven’t found a free monitor to go with the free computer I’m setting up in her house so she can fricking use the internet to get a job because she spent all the money I gave her to live on for a leopard print coat, some vinyls, and some shoes and some pants. Oh, and let’s not forget Mardi Gras.

I don’t know why I’m trying to defend myself against someone who is obviously not making sense right now. She doesn’t really mean it, or she won’t onces she regains her senses. I just don’t know how long it takes. Last time she was like that was when she had pneumonia, and was gone for a weekend. And then again, she was like that about a week ago, but it lasted I think a total of about 10 minutes.

It’s crazy.

I don’t want to give up on her just because she goes crazy now and then … everyone has their flaws. Lord knows I have mine. I may seem like quite a catch, but I know I’m not. But then, no one is. I guess. I don’t know. I’m going to re-group my thoughts so I can make more sense.

Well, I guess that’s the last time I’ll publicly complain my day needed more drama.

But guess what. I did get a raise. And I’m probably going to get a new position too. Which means another raise.

But I did get talked to a little bit about my attendance, but not my tardiness. They actually noticed that I used up all my personal days. Already. Hoo boy. This is going to be one tough year.

But apparently I’m the number 2 employee as far as productivity goes. Yeah. Me. The Captain of Team Wank over here who prides himself on slack can’t help but be productive. It sickens me. 😉

But I now get 52 cents more per hour. Yay me.

Thanks, Tenderpoison for listening to me when I was ranting. Believe it or not, all it takes sometimes is a listener (a topic to explore at a later time).

/rizzn “worn the heck out” do’urden

Quote of the entry: “Last night I discovered Macy Gray…holy SHIT! She rocks out like a fucking chicken bone.”

– Kelly aka Super Fast Kel

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