Dear Diary,

Well, today has been yet another slack day. Pleasingly plentiful trend of those lately. Woke up late, yes, but once again, no one cares. hee hee. Cept me, and that’s all that counts.


Anyways, my girlfriend turned out to be super crazy yesterday cause she was just niccing out. Never ever, people, let me forget to keep her without cigs ever again.

I got her a bunch of papers so she can roll some till I can afford some real cigs. Darn solo_exceptional’s bail making me broke. Darn it to heck.

Got started on the illustrations for the comic book, which is good.

Have you ever wondered what those little pock-marks are on whoppers? Ever since whoppers became 99 cents, I’ve been their biggest fan ever. But the pock marks disturb me. Usually I try not to think about them, because I know it’s something bad.

My grampa used to always say, if you have respect for the law, and you like hot dogs, you should never watch either one be made. I think the same holds true for 99 cent whoppers.

And nasty, now i have this big mayonaise stain on my shirt from a piece of stray lettuce.

Well, I’m alive, just writing to say, I’m working on drawrings now. bubye


Quote of the Entry: (chat log)

Rizzn: so wassup b?

Phillip: Watchin the game havin a bud

Rizzn: true, true

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