Dear Diary…

I just wanna say, Kim (the chick who has a cube… er office next to me) gets her a for the day. She just bought me and Chris pizza.

I think she owed Chris a lunch, and she is buying me lunch for burning some CDs for her.

Yes, folks, I am still working on hooking up Phitt and Kim together. It’s happening sooner rather than later. Kim seem interested, and Phitt is definately. I’m supposed to invite Kim over for dinner some day this week or next, according to Phitt. I’ve gotta talk to the Girl and ok it with her, cuz, y’know, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.

Credit cards just went down for the whole company, so things kinda suck right now. Here I was about to praise the day for being so nice and quiet. I think I’m taking my lunch now. Yes, I am.

Hehheh, shirking responsibility at every turn, it’s Rizzn! Captain of Team Wank! This should kindly prevent me from being number 2 call volume person for sure!

dangit. There’s just too many calls in queue.. i need to get on the fones.


I’ll be back later with more insightful commentary on stuff.


Quote of the Entry: “Anger sucks. Hate sucks. Sadness kills.”

– Akira

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