Dear Diary.

Welp, it’s high time I made this page, it’s the page with all my friends Diary Links on it.

Reality (is Subjective) – She’s the first person I met that had a diary here. We had some really cool discussions about my past and about life in general. Then she just got a pseudo promotion, and she really hasn’t had the chance to update her diary. Which sucks for us. But if she gets the raise she is asking for, rules for her.

Skunk_Girl – She’s this cool chick from South Carolina that’s into punk rawk and having cool hairstyles and talking about fun stuff with me over AIM.

Super Fast Kel – Is there anyone who doesn’t like this chick. She rules. She writes cool super-adventures. And apparently we were mutual fans of each other before we even met.

Tenderpoison – I met this cool Kat (hee hee) by finding her diary thru mungleford’s site one day. She is always fun to read, and a good person to talk to.

Mungleford – I’ve only emailed him directly a couple times, but he seems to have stopped updating. He is always fun as heck to read. I like mungleford.

Action Grrl – I like to read Action Grrl. She has some cool things to say, and she says them well.

joeyd – This guy doesn’t update often, but when he does, all my co-workers are looking at me funny cuz I laugh out loud. He reminds me of a friend I had in high school named Jesse. Absolutely nuts, but funny as heck.

I-Am-Unique – This is the coolest 14 year old I know. She reminds me a lot of my little sister. Which I guess makes her pretty cool, but means I don’t pick on her enough. Have a smurfy day!

Crackbaby – yes, the Crackbaby you’ve heard so much about, my roomie, your friend and mine, Crackbaby.

Splork – This is another homey from my childhood. He’s pretty cool. Check out his diary, and we’ll see if it’s as cool as he is. (just started it).

Vesper – Yet another one of my RL friends who has gotten online and gotten a diary. Pretty cool stuff, eh?

Well, I didn’t get much sleep last night, so if I didn’t put you on, don’t feel hurt. Also, there is no particular order to these, these are not rankings and stuff. 😉 Just the ramblings of the sleep deprived Rizzn.

Malkavia – someone I’ve grown to read and chat with on AIM a bunch who is really cool. She’s really fun to chat with, and it doesn’t take long talking to her for me to laugh outloud about something.


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