What makes Batman so Cool
By: Rizzn Do’Urden

Batman is my all-time favorite hero. And I say hero, instead of superhero, because although he ranks next to Superman and Wonderwoman, he does what he does with no superpowers whatsoever.

Batman is a normal man.

Ok, so he has more money than Bill Gates.

But you can’t call that a superpower, because what has Bill Gates done for the betterment of society lately? Windows 2000? Ok, I rest my case (super-villain maybe).

But Batman had it hard. People always make fun of his alter-ego, his real life persona, Bruce Wayne, and call him things like pansy, sissy-boy, and mindless playboy, and sometimes even useless!

But Bruce Wayne doesn’t care. He made them think that by acting dumb, just so no one suspects that he’s Batman.

It’s a big philosophical question exactly what Batman/Bruce Wayne’s true personality is, to me. The real persona certainly isn’t the public Bruce Wayne. It’s obvious that’s just a front.

But is it really Batman? Maybe that’s his real persona in his mind. But to not truly be yourself unless you had your costume on, that would be kinda weird. And it would be hard to go to the bathroom.

Batman has many good principals. They stem from his experiences as a child. When he was little, his dad and mom got gunned down. There are many theories as to who it was, like Jack Napier (aka Joker), which is the most popular. There are a number of other theories, but what’s important is what the young Bruce Wayne did when he was faced with that tragedy.

Some people would have grew up to be bad eggs after that. Some poeple would maybe be useless. Just be another drain on society.

That would have been the easy road for Bruce Wayne. He could have just given up on life, and lived off his inheritance, which was quite large.

But he was filled with an anger, and at first he didn’t know what to do about it. He was angry at everything. Then one day when he was running thru a field being angry, not paying attention to what he was doing (it was raining, so the ground was very soggy), he fell thru a hole in the ground, into a cave, which happened to be under his house.

He saw a bunch of bats there. Now this is the part that doesn’t make much sense (why exactly this is when he figured out what to do), but he figured out what was the problem with society was crime. And if he was something scary like a bat, he could make the criminals fear him and kick their butts while they were busy being scared. Which is a very good plan.

So, using the gift that God had endowed him with, which was stewardship of a large sum of money, he began to train to be a criminal butt-kicker. He learned techniques that only a few people know around the world that are quite effective.

But here is the main deal of his princples — he does not kill. No matter what.

He believes somewhat in the rehabilitation of criminals. There have been accounts throughout Batman History of people he’s rehabilitated, or brought back to a normal way of life those who would have become life-time criminals.

Batman is a good man. And he’s a normal man.

When I grow up I want to be just like Batman.

And that is why Batman is just so cool. The end.


Quote of the Entry: “My God, Wayne!” exclaimed Commisioner Gorden. “Could you be any more useless?”

“Certainly,” Bruce Wayne replied expressionlessly, “I’m taking a course.”

– pg 23, Batman: The Hill, #1

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