Dear Diary….

Well, my computer just decided that last entyr I was feeding you was going to be erased. So I’m going to try to type fast and do it again. Ouch, I hate it when that happens.


My Girl’s roommate is threatening to move out. I wonder if I should move in with her, since my lease is up, or stay with my boys. I’m definately going to have to pay part of her rent anyways, because the job she’s getting isn’t going to pay that much until she gets a good job. (she’s going to work at an ISP).

Phitt and Kim have been chatting all day without ceasing. And Kim got Phitt to call her today up here at work. It’s very amusing to watch. Kim’s going ga ga for Phitt, and I can’t wait to see what Phitt’s reaction is when I get home… 😉

Kim is such a crackhead sometimes. This is the third time in a row she’s played Madonna’s Lucky Star. So much for her good music streak.

My Girl and I had a discussion last night. We are both 21, right. Well, she feels that she’s “soo old”, which is an odd thought to me. I have so much of my life ahead of me. I know what’s causing the feelings of insecurity for her, is the fact that she’s jobless right now.

But the skills she and I have acquired without going to college put us ahead of the game for our age. We are currently making career moves at age 21 that most people don’t even start till they are out of college. Which comes after 21 usually.

Now am I just massaging my ego there, or is it actually true?

Phillip and I just declared tomorrow an official “Smoke your crack in your cubical day” for the fun of it.

You might be a nerd if you run random traceroutes for fun.

Tracing route to []

over a maximum of 30 hops:



3 10 ms

4 10 ms 20 ms 10 ms

5 30 ms 20 ms 20 ms []

6 70 ms 50 ms 60 ms []

7 60 ms 60 ms 60 ms []

8 60 ms 61 ms 60 ms []

9 60 ms 60 ms 70 ms

10 70 ms 70 ms 50 ms

11 50 ms 70 ms 50 ms []

12 60 ms 70 ms 180 ms []

13 60 ms 80 ms 70 ms []

I’m a nerd.

My sister is 19 today. What’s up with that? She can NOT be that old. Well, I’ve got to find something for her birthday gift.

One year my sister got me a jar of Vitamin C for my birthday. I don’t know why. But that’s what she gave me.

I should think of something crackheaded like that.

Well, I’m going to go eat some Japanese food with my buds.

See ye Monday.


Quote of the Entry: (from the Chat Logs)

Rizzn: this is sad
Rizzn: i remember all my troubleshooting from working at the ISP
TenderPoison: That’s not sad! :0
Rizzn: yeah it is, that’s space in my brain being taken up by stuff that i’ll probably never use.
TenderPoison: If it wasn’t occupied by that, it’s probably be occupied by sex or drugs or soemthing. Better it be occupied by trouble shooting. 😉
Rizzn: heheh
Rizzn: i guess so

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