Dear Diary,

Today isn’t going to be a super day.

I woke up late, which isn’t a big deal. But I forgot my wallet, and my id badge for work. And I don’t have enough money for cigs. Just gas to get home. But that normally wouldn’t have been a problem, except that since I don’t have my id, I can’t go cash my check today.

Fun day ahead.

oh, guys guys, check it out. I just got Phitt (my roommate) and Kim (the person with the office next to mine)to start chatting online. heheh… being cupid is fun.

Ich bin sehr hungrig. I go eat now.


Quote of the Entry: (from the chat logs)

Rizzn: btw, you still wanna meet peter some time, or no?

Kim: i’ll meet peter as a fren lata
Rizzn: cool .. he said whenever you wanna hang out with us let us know.
Kim: when he say this
Rizzn: couple days ago
Kim: o
Kim: i jus sent peter a message
Kim: i said hi peter
Rizzn: Cool

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