Dear Diary,

Semi-serious entry, here. I’ve really reached a hard fork in the road o’life. I’ve got to decide whether to move in with my girlfriend or not.

I know everyone’s opinion on it besides my own.

Here’s the situation: My girlfriend is in a hard spot financially, and financially, it makes sense for me to move in. For both me and her. Relationship-wise, I don’t think it would affect us that much. There is rarely a day that we don’t spend together, and I’m either over at her house overnight or she’s over at mine virtually 3-6 days a week. Before she moved in to her current place, she spent about a month living at my house before it was ready.

BUT: That was kind of unofficial living together, it was short term, plus it was when we first started going out, so we never got on each other’s nerves.

ALSO BUT: My parents don’t approve of that. At all.

Let’s go down the opinions list, shall we?

Parents: No. It’s not right. You ain’t married.
Crackbaby: No, I don’t think you should, she’s going to wind up spending all your money.
Phitt: You can if you want, but you probably will regret it. It’s your life though, none of my business.
Skunk_Girl: im glad i don’t have to think about that kinda stuff. – Gee, thanx. heheh.
Other Friends: Is it real serious? I’d do it.
My Girl: If you want to, it would be ok, but don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Although it would certainly help me out.

I really don’t know. It’s a decision that has to be made fairly quickly here. I’m so unsure of what to do. I’m unsure of the right decision here.

I don’t want to abandon my boys, and according to the timeline in my head, this is not on schedule. But it would sure fix a lot of things if it happenned.

It’s called opportunity cost. I just have to figure out what particular thing is more valuable.

Can anyone point out any obvious things that I’m missing here?


Quote of the Entry: (from the chat logs)
Skunk_Girl: im pretty materialistic i think
Rizzn: yeah<
Rizzn: but it’s a material world, and I’m a material girl (or boy)


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