Dear Diary Comma

How is you this morning? I’m gur-reat. And stuff.

Hee hee, I got to work early. Well, kinda. I got to work earlier than I usually do when I’m late. By about an hour.

I think that my car doesn’t like me. When I got home from work Friday, something snapped, and now all the electrical things do not work, including starting the engine.

Chris, my friend the car expert, thinks that it’s a fuse. But I checked them already, but since I didn’t know what I was looking for, I could have missed something.

I love cranky cars.

My Girl is doing good. Did I already announce that she had a job? Working at an ISP, cept she doesn’t start for a couple weeks. And her roommate is moving out. Yeah, I think I mentioned all this crap. REad a previous entry if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll find it.

I’m going to do this from now on.

Both Standgal and my girlfriend agree: “i’ll never work at a record store. i’d spend my whole check on music. blah.” ‘Cept my Girl didn’t say blah after that. But the sentiment is the same.

The fact that I have to log in to the fones for the queue to be clear here is pathetic. I know I’m not that good of a tech, why is everyone else unable to perform their basic job functions. Am I arrogant for thinking this?

Um, what else was I going to say of value?

Check this out, she’s a winner! (I was at my parents house when I wrote this, looking over my shoulder. Don’t know why it was important I mention this, other than I thought it was amusing at the time to say).

Is it time for another installment of a story? I think so.

hoo boy. That and I brought a Zip Drive to work! Napster, here I come!

BTW, I have no email this morning to check, and I feel sad about this.

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Quote of the Entry: “Sometimes I do just wanna be funky.”

– tenderpoison

(ed: as do we all, kat, as do we all. 😉

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