Dear Diary,

With all these people telling me to take it easy, how do they expect me not to slack off.

“Take it easy, man!”

“Have fun, take it easy!”

Sometimes, I guess people don’t think about what they say.

I talked with my Girl about the moving in deal. Told her it was a tentative deal, still unsure about it. She had the exact same concerns as I did about it, which was a good deal.

She thinks she has a way out of her current financial troubles. We’ll see how it develops.

I had a dream last night that was totally wack.

I was breakin the law the whole time I was in this dream. But not important laws, like federal or international or moral laws.

Traffic laws.

I was in the car with my Girl and Crackbaby, and Crackbaby was sitting up front, and I kept intentionally running stop signs. After each one I’d go, oops. I ran one in front of a cop, and he didn’t even care. Cuz I didn’t care.

Breakin tha law, breakin tha law. (dah dah dah dah) Breakin tha law, breakin tha law.

I’m such a rebel in society. Public Enemy number one.

I’m behaving so crazily today, even the people who are used to it at work are looking at me funny. Maybe I’m having a bad hair day or something, and they are just looking at that trying not to laugh.


I think I’m going to go play with my action figures now.


Quote of the Entry: “I am so relieved. My knee has been hurting really bad since the day that fell, and I have been feeling really wimpy about it all. – And then, I found this huge purple bruise. So there you go! Ha! I haven’t completely been complaining for nothing. “

– ragnhild

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