Dear Diary,

A network goblin ate my last entry.

So so sorry.

Zip drives suck on WinNT.

And my car is fixed, and the damage is only $110. Including the tow. Which is not bad, unless you consider that the only thing wrong with it was a battery cable. Then it kinda sucks.

I posted up my “Why Batman is So Cool” on the department pegboard thingy where you post things up. Everyone agrees that Batman is cool. I am the king of persuasive writing.

Sleepy day today. Expensive day. And the sad part is there were no comics in it for me. That’ll have to be tomorrow. I imagine.

Had a fun conversation with TenderPoison. Her friend is having the same problems I had about a year ago.

Sometimes you are just in a situation you know is probably wrong, but nothing your friends tell you, no matter how harshly they say it, will convince you it’s wrong. The friend just has to wait around till it’s all over and then say “Gee, I hate to say this, but I told you so…”

It’s the problem of people like me who when they make promises, even promises to liars, they feel obligated to keep them.

My mentor is trying to see if I can hook him up with some, as he calls it, “poon-tang.” I work in a nuthouse.

Want to hear a scary story? Ok, here it is.

There is this guy who works here who is a complete flamer, and also a big redneck, to boot. He was talking to Kim (the asian chick who sits next to me) one day about the aforementioned mentor’s cuteness.

They both basically thought he was cute. Then he tried to convice poor gullible Kim that he had seduced my mentor. Kim was heartbroken until he busted out laughing. “I wish,” is all he could say.

I dunno, I guess you had to be here.

Oh yay, now it’s time for me to go. There’s nothing funnier than the techno remix version of hamster dance, except maybe the smurfs them techno remixed.


Quote of the Entry: “Hi Mr. Rizzn! You are so totally one of my heros!!”

– TenderPoison, introducing herself to a flattered Mister Rizzn.

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