Dear Diary…

The stooopid fools at the Kwick-E-Loob didn’t flush my power steering. Because they don’t understand english. This is frickin north america, folks, learn the language, and don’t come back and work here until you do. Sheesh!

Dum de dum, I’m on lunch now, and there is nothing to do… my Girl has my car, and I wish I didn’t loan it out now, because I need to go to the comics store in a bad way, but I guess her getting a job taes priority over that.

Tonight I am going to a concert — a band called Mr. T. Experience. They pretty much rule. It’s Pop Punk, over at the Galaxy Club. They are my Girl’s favorite band of all time, I think. Between them and Bowling for Soup.

I need 99cent burgers, damnit! why dont they deliver that kinda stuff!

I’m going to go skulk about it outside with a cigarette dangling from my lip, I’ll be back. Perhaps I’ll have something worthwhile to speak about.

Everyone in the company here seems to be abandoning ship. The entire POS department here is going over to Alcatel, my homey Phillip here is going over to Ericcson Digital. I need to repost my resume and get it reviewed some more. I think the company is doing some downsizing or somthing (we just got bought out about a month ago, anyways).

It’s silly that they downsize when they need to do the opposite. I really don’t understand it myself. But I’ve been at this job for a little too long, the money doesn’t suit my lifestyle, I’m pretty much overqualified for it. Plus this job, if you haven’t noticed, is a slack off job. I do nothing but surf all day. I need a job where I actually exercise my mind. I feel it going to mush every day, a little worse.

The scary part is, would I be able to handle a real job after this, since I’ve been mentally masturbating for the last 7 months here? I’m going to miss not being able to just not go to work if I don’t want to.

But if I’m here another six months from now I’m going to be really disappointed in myself.

But I have decided by the time I’m 27, and no later, I will be a millionaire. I must achieve this goal or it will never happen.

Now which bank do I rob?


Quote of the Entry: (from the Chat Logs)

Phitt1: What type of cake do you like?
RznDoUrdn: mm, maybe pound cake, or ice cream cake or something?
Phitt1: How about something more simple like choclate or red velvet
Phitt1: You like pound cake?
Phitt1: Whats wrong with you

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