Dear Diary,

heheh… I started trying to write this entry prince style (y’know with all the stupid one letter and number abbreviations), but it was just too dorky.

My ears are still ringing. Badly. I went to a show last night. First time in a couple months I’ve been to a Dallas show. The Mr. T Experience, I think I mentioned it earlier. I ought to rub the stamp off my hand, b/c I was fairly last this morning, and I don’t want them to get the right idea about why.. .;-)

The show was real cool. I enjoyed every band there, but Dallas punks are such musical snobs, they were assholes to the first band, a alterna-punk band from Norway called Lokomotiv (on Mammoth Records). They were a little out there, but there music was very talentedly (is that a word? 😉 performed!

But there was this dude that we met on the line trying to get in that flipped them off, threw one of their drumsticks at them, and mooned them.

Frickin Dallas punks don’t know what good music is. We would have heckled them a bit at a hometown show, but woulda been cool with them afterwards. It was just incredibly rude. I was embarrassed for Dallas.

And I feel all grungy this morning.

But in other news, MY EARS ARE STILL RINGING!

It’s annoying, I tell you! Does anyone know anything to make it stop? Some home remedy or something?


I’m listening to my Impossibles CD, which rules, at work, right now. I’m happy about that. It makes me not hear the RINGING IN MY EARS so much!

I’m such a puss about that. Never used to bother me.

Descriptive Essay, 100 Words
by: the Impossibles

to whom it may be of any concern:
I forget this lesson each time that it’s learned, this arguement that i try to defend, it’s not logic its a means to an end. I’ts a feindish ploy, like you mean me no harm. It’s so misconceived… but it works like a charm. If fingers clench too tightly, it’s because I’m I’ll lose my grip, If I think about you nightly it’s because I’m afraid I might forget.

Excuse my mess as I pitch this fit, it bothers me more than I can admit… my face goes flush my head startes to ache.

I think this may be my biggest mistake.

A very masterful song. Another favorite.

Anyways. I’m not going to quote the entire album, although its very tempting.

The other bands at the show were Groovie Ghoulies, and Lucy loves Schroeder, which is cool, because the lead singer chick from that band hangs out at my Girl’s apartment complex all the time.

I’m ramblin. I’m out fer now. RINGING GO AWAY!


Quote for the Entry: “Everyday above ground is a good good day,
Everyday you’re around it makes me believe
If I’m not six feet down then I’m well on my way
everyday above ground I’m tired, oh everyday
Everyday above ground is a good good day.”

– the Impossibles, Everyday

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