Dear Diary….

It is a fine day,
People open windows,
They leave their house,
Just for a short while.

It’s going to be a fine night tonight
It’s going to be a fine day tonight

– “Fine Day” by ATB featuring Miss Jane

Music makes the day go by so much faster at work. I’m sitting here listening to “Oonca” music and some punk cds of mine on my headfones.

Fun stuff.

Looks like it’s time to re-organize the crap on my desk. Thre comments about it today. That’s usually the indicator.

Just had a nice chat over Yahoo with my mommy. I told you that my mom got a Lexus, right? What the heck’s up with that? My parent’s aren’t rich yup-yups. It has a 6-cd changer in it. My mom and dad don’t even own any music cds!!

I wish I had more to say today, but I just don’t. Today has consisted mostly of chatting with my Girl, and staring at my Pez dispensers.

This weekend is the weekend I attempt to finish our CD’s post production phase. Look for it. Actually, better yet, just ask for it. I’ll mail out a copy to anyone who asks. Because I’m not bigtime mr D.J. Rizzn yet. 😉


Quote of the Entry: (from the Chat Logs)

Phitt: Guys I just want you to know that AOL5.0 is out. Lets not be compulsive and get it right awaya though
Rizzn: Aww, badass! woo! I mean, uhh
Phitt: I don’t know how to contain myself knowing things like this excist
Crackbaby: just make sure you clean up, man.

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