Dear Diary,

There are just certain things you cannot discuss with other people.

I speak in reference to Jaelynn‘s entry to which Super Fast Kel referred us to earlier this weekend.

It’s not that you just can’t discuss it period, but you must go into it at the beginning that nothing you say will be taken personal. And with people you really care about, you have a hard time doing that.

So it’s best not to discuss it at all, in most cases.

Especially when one or more of the parties tends to take things directly to heart and get all vehement about it.

My Girl and I are this way. We have skirted many political issues together, and actually gone in depth with them together, the usual end of the conversation is a realizatoin where each of us stand on the issue and the conclusion that we will not talk about it again.

That having been said, you will know the reason why I will not comment specifically on the issues that Jaelynn and “Bulldoggg” discussed.

I will say this, though: while “Bulldoggg”‘s facts may have been statistically correct, his delivery of the facts was inappropriate, both in timing, and in method.

My general disclaimer on most questions when people call me a right wing Moral Majority Christian Coalition type person:

There are many things which are not entirely clear in the bible. For us [Christians] to condemn the non-Christians for sins they have committed is hyppocritical.

‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’

‘For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.’

It is only throught the blood of Jesus that we are made clean and acceptable.

I don’t mean to get all preachy here, but what is being said by these biblcal references is that it is not our place as Christians to judge the un-saved. That is only the place of God. It is up to us to be good examples of Christ-like behavior so that they may see the good works of God in heaven.

So if you truly believe in Jesus as the saviour of the world, what good is it going to do you to give the turn or burn testimony to people who choose a different lifestyle than you? If you live your life right, and they decide to give their life to Christ, then if their lifestyle is truly wrong, then they will be convicted of this by the Holy Spirit in an attempt to behave in a way that is more becoming to that which they love, namely God.

For it is not what you do that determines what you are, it is what you are that determines what you do.

I am really sorry for getting preachy, all those who read all this, but that is where I stand. My personal beliefs are just that, and I cast no judgement on any one of my fellow humans. I hope that everyone who is my friend here still respects me and my beliefs and that I haven’t alienated anyone because I stated them.


Quote of the Entry: “My mom says it’s funny watching me stumble around in the morning. And calls me Stun-Bunny. I never realized quite how silly that sounds.”

– Tenderpoison